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48 MacDirectory BOOK REVIEWS CLASSROOM IN A BOOK > ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS4 WORDS BY LISA P. HILL Imagine sitting in a classroom surrounded by students hunched over their keyboard and stylus sticks. Questions fly across the room as the instructor roams between desks, scrambling to answer each response. Yet she takes the time and pauses behind your chair, observing and offering informative suggestions. As the classroom fades out, the instructor remains solely focused on assisting your training. "Okay, now press the select button and click on this star. Drag it to the far corner." "Hey, that's cool. If I shift click the left snowflake, both of them drop down. What does this blob brush do? Wait…I didn't want to do that." "Here, just click Edit and Undo. Easy to fix. Watch what happens." "Awesome!" Sound too good to be true, to have your own tutor in a book? Most computer classes don't provide one-on-one tutoring, yet Adobe offers Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book as a great substitute. Each lesson is well laid out to aid readers learn how to manipulate powerful illustration tools. Beginners can follow each lesson chapter-by-chapter to improve their skills, while experienced users can explore many advanced features. This book acts as a personal tutor standing beside you at your beck and call. Why is Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book a good learning application for print, multimedia and online graphics? It allows from beginners to experts to master a wide variety of application tools to create artwork for page layouts, blog illustrations, logos, stationary, posters, etc. It integrates with Adobe's Flash movies, InDesign layouts, Photoshop imagery, and Flex open source framework. In the first lesson, Adobe encourages users to jump right in and create an advertisement art board. It's okay to feel a little lost, and not recognize work panel names or their function. Adobe guides the reader step-by-step, and if one fumbles, it's easy to retrace, correct and continue. There are many "Wow…cool" moments using various tools in the Application Bar and various work panels. And it's easy to customize and reposition these panels. Illustrator CS4 is all about providing paths to create, experiment and expand your horizon. Individual lessons are provided on the Classroom CD, which was easily downloaded on a MacBook Pro. The program requires Mac OS X. At the beginning of each chapter, Adobe estimates each chapter's completion time ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. Review questions and answers are provided at each chapter's end. In less than one month, beginners will be amazed at their competence and skill level. Don't think the lessons provided are your sole learning source. Adobe offers additional teaching resources with online Adobe TV, Community Help and the CS4 Resource Center. Adobe also provides numerous online self-help articles to further enhance and define illustration skills. In addition, Adobe provides online paths to help you in becoming an Adobe Certified Expert. Adobe's Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book is a good value at $54.99, and Adobe offers various online savings opportunities. Through Adobe Press, Safari Online books offer a free 10-day trial period. Download the free trial of Illustrator CS4, and Adobe gives beginners to experts the opportunity to explore both Classroom in a Book and Illustrator CS4. With today's shrinking economy, media professionals, writers, Web designers, and graphic artists must not only maintain their marketable skills, but expand their creative knowledge. Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book offers champagne training for a six-pack price. Illustrator CS4 Classroom in a Book Adobe Press 480 pages; $54.99 ISBN 978-0321573780

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