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128 MacDirectory PROFILE IREPAIR > THE FIXES ARE IN Looking to fix your broken iPod or iPhone? Before you consider throwing away your once precious piece of technology, you should consider repairing this damaged device at After all, specializes in the repairing, diagnosing, and refurbishing all generations of the iPod, iPod Photo, iPod Touch, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPod Classic and iPhone. In fact, also offers a free diagnosing service where they diagnose the problem with your device and send you an affordable quote for the repair. is unique in that they offer out- of-warranty service as well as repair services that Apple does not cover under warranty (broken screens, water damage, physical damage). Additionally, can fix everything from a non-functioning click wheel to a broken logic board to an audio jack. Even better, iRepair offers a full one-year warranty on its repairs. Some of the most popular repairs are iPhone 3G glass replacements, iPod batteries, iPod headphone jacks, and MacBook Screens. Of course, repairing your tech gear is also great for the environment as when you choose to repair electronics instead of throwing them away, it saves these pieces of equipment from ending up in landfills. If you do choose to buy a new model, will also buy your old iPod from you so that this item can be resold or refurbished and resold. The company can also properly recycle any equipment that is deemed "unfixable." Of course, the company is always seeking to improve itself and is currently working on expanding its Vendor repair program so that other computer service- based companies can benefit from having manage all of their iPod and iPhone repairs. To further service their customers, the company has expanded to three retail locations across Canada in the past three years and they plan on opening another five locations within the next five years - as well as expanding their wholesale and recycling business. Visit for complete information. WORDS BY LARISA REDINS RADTECH > SOLUTIONS THAT MAKE SENSE RadTech started as a biomedical hard- ware and software solutions firm called Radiologic Technologies in the mid- nineties. In 2003, the medical division spun off and RadTech came into fruition. Today the company manufactures and distributes more than 800 products, operates an e-commerce Web site, maintains a company-owned brick-and- mortar store in St. Louis, and maintains a dealer /reseller base numbering close to 400 locations worldwide. With respect to its product line, RadTech originally developed a unique fabric called Optex that today forms the basis of several of its products. "Optex was expressly designed for protecting, cleaning and refinishing even the most delicate surfaces - yet it is incredibly strong," says John Grzeskowiak of RadTech. Optex is constructed from the smallest fibers currently available. Further, a continuous filament from one kilogram of the material would stretch from the earth to the moon and back – twice, according to Grzeskowiak. Since RadTech made a significant investment in Bluetooth technology early on, the company offers an extensive line of Bluetooth HID peripheral. RadTech also developed a full-featured Bluetooth mouse driver for the Mac platform that provides custom configuration for clients. "We always remain true to our mission: Solutions That Make Sense," says Grzeskowiak. "Our products are built to be used daily, and have an emphasis on being strong yet light since most of these items are often transported or carried by our clients." Always progressive, RadTech is currently developing a successor to its popular OmniStand notebook computer stand, and a larger, universal version of its MacTruck ultra-rugged Aluminum alloy notebook protectors. With respect to the company's future plans, RadTech is currently developing an affiliate-like, results-driven advertising and sales platform that will allow media owners to share sales revenues. "It's a ground-breaking paradigm that we feel will introduce real value to both media owners and advertisers alike," says Grzes- kowiak. "Our platform will provide media owners with total control of their ability to generate better than traditional revenues." For more information and complete details on products, visit . WORDS BY LARISA REDINS MACTRUCK

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