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126 MacDirectory PROFILE CIRCUS PONIES > NOTEBOOK AND SO MUCH MORE Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Circus Ponies was founded in 2003 to create useful applications for users around the globe. More specifically, the company has been working with OS X technologies since 1989 — on the NeXT system that was the precursor to OS X. As one may guess, Circus Ponies has a great deal of experience with crafting Mac apps. With respect to its product, NoteBook is clearly the company's flagship offering. In fact, the NoteBook won the product of the year award from NeXTWORLD Magazine in 1992. About NoteBook NoteBook simply allows users to get organized on a Mac computer. Prior to NoteBook, there simply was no good way to organize small bits of information like Web clippings and notes you make to yourself. Consequently, the NoteBook application was created to specifically address this problem. "If I'm working on a project, I have some notes, e-mails, a spreadsheet etc – and I would like to keep these items together and organized. I could create a folder in the Finder, and at that point everything would be in one place, but it would not be organized," explains Jayson Adams of Circus Ponies. "With NoteBook, you store everything in one or more NoteBooks, which look like paper notebooks with pages and tabs -- a familiar way to organize information." Moreover, whenever you need to find a specific piece of information, the Multidex at the back of every NoteBook makes it simple to find any info through a simple search - such as a name, a number, a date and so on. Additionally, you can share your Notebooks by turning them into PDFs or Web sites. "NoteBook is the perfect application for organizing clips, research, and other important information needed for filmmaking. I can attach humongous video files and images of locations, casting sessions, and all my research into one Notebook. And with the 'export to web' feature I can share it all with anyone. I absolutely love it!" Rick McCallum, the producer of Star Wars, was quoted on the company Web site. The company is continually working to improve upon this product. For instance, in September 2008, the company shipped version 3.0 of NoteBook, which added sketching, handwriting recognition, sticky notes and flags, and easy PDF annotation - - among other features. "NoteBook is the most popular note organizer for the Mac, and with 3.0 we've made it even better," says Adams. "Now Mac users don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on separate outlining, diagram- ming, and to-do list programs — NoteBook does it all, at a fraction of the price." Circus Ponies offers a 30-day test drive of the latest version of NoteBook so users can see for themselves how they can better organize their lives. To download this product, you require Mac OS X v 10.4.11 or later, PowerPC G3 or higher or an Intel Core Solo or Duo processor, and at least 256 MB RAM. Company Support With respect to support, the company offers a multitude of resources online for consumers. Along with thorough e-mail based support, the company also boasts of an interactive forum, a FAQ section, helpful online manual, discussion groups and other sources of information. All in all, Circus Ponies is a cutting edge company that will only continue to develop useful software in the future. See for more information. WORDS BY LARISA REDINS

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