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106 MacDirectory REVIEW SILVERFAST HDR STUDIO 6.6 > EFFECTIVE HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE DIGITAL PHOTO EDITING LaserSoft Imaging offers advanced HDR image editing capabilities through SilverFast HDR Studio 6.6. This software offers amateur to professional photographers HDR or 48-bit image processing, and has been upgraded to support importing camera raw data. SilverFast HDR Studio allows the user to read and process 48-bit raw files without being connected to a scanner. Before HDR Studio, photographers could individually adjust photo scans prior to saving using the scanning software, or use another image editing program. With SilverFast HDR Studio, film images can be bulk scanned without having to individually adjust each image while connected to the scanner. Thus, the photographer can move away from the scanning site to make image adjustments at their leisure. Silver Fast HDR Studio is an excellent tool for photographers to use in conjunction with LaserSoft scanning software. SilverFast HDR Studio provides the same graphic user interface and all SilverFast tools are available: Defining Output Size & Resolution, Auto-Adjust of Highlight/Shad- ow, Three Part Histogram, Gradation Curves, Selective Color Correction, Unsharp Masking, Color Cast Removal Slider, Color Separation, CMYK-Preview and more. SilverFast HDR Studio can also be used simultaneously with Photoshop CS4. Access Silverfast HDR and the Virtual Light Table (VLT) opens. Using the directory structure shown on the left side, all of the photos in a selected directory, including iPhoto directories, can be displayed on the VLT. Thumbnail images quickly load and display on the VLT. When the cursor travels over one thumbnail, a zoomed image is shown in the lower left hand corner. Double clicking on the thumbnail displays a preview image. If the thumbnail represents a digital camera raw image, HDR Studio converts from the raw file to a preview image. Double clicking again on the thumbnail opens the converted image into the SilverFast HDR edit window. A useful feature is the Light Table icon in the edit window tool bar, which returns the user directly to the VLT screen. Any adjustments are saved to a new file (tiff, Jpeg, Jpeg 2000, or pdf), and the original is not overwritten. This process allows for the original scan to be preserved, however, the images rapidly fill up storage space. And depending on an individual's workflow process and their photography requirements will determine which photo processing application is applicable. Overall, SilverFast HDR Studio 6.6 is a solid product, and trying out the free demo is well worth the time. WORDS BY LISA P. HILL Product SilverFast HDR Studio 6.6 Made by LaserSoft Imaging Price $457 Pros Synchronizes graphic user interface with scanner software. Excellent color Cons 48-bit tiff files require large storage capacity Rating HHHHH

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