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54 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT Psychology Podcast Texas Tech University's department of psychology has turned to podcasting in an effort to enlighten the general public on the workings of our brain. This podcast avoids getting bogged down in the hard to understand, and often cryptic specifics of psychology, by talking about everyday issues that anyone can understand and relate to. Recent episodes explore the effects of divorce, the tools of persuasion and the always frightening psychology of road rage. The short episodes, usually no more than 10 minutes, call on a variety of sources to explore these issues. Established professors of psychology and other experts provide keen insight into the important topics at hand. The only thing Psychology Podcast is lacking is a regular production schedule. Episodes are sporadic, but informative and quick enough to keep everyone engaged. Find it at In his weekly podcast, Skeptoid, Brian Dunning sets out to debunk what he claims are "pseudo- sciences that infect popular culture." In each episode, Dunning asks one question, such as are "superfruit juices anything more than super rip-offs?" and concentrates on tearing apart the myths around it. With the release of the most recent Indiana Jones movie, Dunning dedicates a whole episode discussing the history of crystal skulls. According to Dunning, the Germany Capital of Gemstone Industry was carving crystal skulls in the late 19th century from a large bulk of quartz-crystal they had purchased from Brazil. Sorry, fans of Indiana Jones. Another entertaining episode of Skeptoid explores the scientific merits of different tools used on ghost hunting shows. From infrared thermometers to EMF meters, which detect electromagnetic fields, Dunning explains how each tool operates and why they can't detect ghosts. When discussing the EMF meters he explains that the necessary camera, sound and lighting equipment needed for a television show all emit small electromagnetic fields, so of course the EMF meter is going to pick up some type of reading. While Dunning's sarcastic wit grows old throughout the episodes, his thorough and detailed examinations are spot-on. Word Balloon Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons" would be delighted with this podcast. John Siuntres, who has been working in broadcast for decades, delves into the world of comics on his podcast Word Balloon. The prolific podcaster puts out about eight episodes a month talking with creators, illustrators and industry leaders. For those of you who haven't picked up a comic book since grade school, this podcast will still be entertaining. Hearing about the legal issues involved with certain comics, the creative process and the comic industry as a whole is somewhat baffling- it's a creative industry that many of us forgot about and neglect. Past episodes have him talking about NBC's hit "Heroes" and how the writer's strike affected it. And, with Frank Miller's (director of "Sin City") new film "The Spirit" coming out this December you can be sure Word Balloon will have the latest and most in-depth scoop on it. Find it at IndieFeed We all remember the battle between Napster and Metallica -- it brought the nebulous world of downloading music into the spotlight. As new music sharing programs are developed and prohibited many of us are left searching for a way to discover new artists without spending nearly $20 on an album we could hate. The IndieFeed podcast series provides a great alternative to illegally downloading music. Each episode is just one song by a different artist, a quick introduction and a very short bio of the artist at the end of the song. Currently, IndieFeed has eight different channels: Alternative/Modern Rock, Indie Pop Music, Hip Hop, Electronica Music, Dance, Blues Music, Performance Poetry and Big Shed Audio Documentaries. The list of artists in each category is extensive and more than 10 new songs are added each month. This is a great new way to discover bands you've never heard of and songs you'll probably love. Find it at HOTTEST PODCASTS MACDIRECTORY PRESENTS ITS PERIODIC LOOK AT THE HOTTEST PODCASTS ON THE WEB. WHETHER IT'S HISTORY, POLITICS, HUMOR OR TECHNOLOGY, WE HAVE IT COVERED, EVEN MENTIONING A PRODUCT THAT IS REVIEWED ELSEWHERE IN THE CURRENT ISSUE – THE AXIOTRON MODBOOK. WORDS BY CHRIS SWEENEY

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