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COMPILED BY RIC GETTER 40 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT APPLE NEWS WHEN IT COMES TO APPLE NEWS, GO TO MACDIRECTORY.COM AND SUBSCRIBE TO EMACDAILY. EMACDAILY DELIVERS THE TOP APPLE NEWS, PRODUCT RELEASES, INDUSTRY TRENDS, SPECIAL DEALS AND MORE. THIS IS A FREE E-NEWS SERVICE TO MAC USERS. Hello World -- 3G iPhone Calling! SAN FRANCISCO – Apple left little room for disappointment (or additional attendees) at the opening of the World Wide Developers' Conference in June. The conference, for the first time in its history, was a sellout thanks, in large part, to the WWDC being the chosen venue for the debut of Apple's second- generation iPhone as well as the huge application development market the device has opened up. It was scheduled to ship July 11, and the iPhone will be available in 20 additional countries, with a total of 70 joining in by the end of the year. "Just one year after launching the iPhone, we're launching the new iPhone 3G that is twice as fast at half the price," Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, announced to the capacity crowd at the Moscone Center. As was widely predicted, the new iPhone will take advantage of third-generation (3G) cellular technology, using quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology for voice and data, which should provide worldwide access for iPhone users. The new price points for the phone, $199 for the 8GB model, $299 for 16GB) are subsidized through subscription services. Both phones include onboard GPS and significantly enhanced battery life with 10 hours of 2G talk time and 5 hours of 3G access. At the conference, Apple also introduced the new MobileMe service, the next generation of Apple's .Mac service. MobileMe will use push technology (a la Blackberry) for e-mail, calendar and contacts. The software will also offer a similar suite of services for enterprise users hosted by Exchange servers. The corporate market will also be able to take advantage of added security thanks to a remote-wipe feature and Cisco's IPsec VPN for encrypted data access. The iTunes-based App Store also was set to open for business on July 11. Acrobat 9 Offers Multimedia Support SAN JOSE, Calif. – Adobe Systems, Inc. announced the release of Acrobat 9, termed a "significant" update thanks, in part, to its ability to integrate Flash technology into PDF distributions. A new packaging concept, "PDF Portfolios" will simplify the sharing and distribution of complex documents containing a variety of multimedia content. "The expectations organizations and individuals have for communicating and collaborating in the workplace continues to grow significantly," said Rob Tarkoff, senior vice president, Business Productivity Business Unit. "The ability to break through and communicate a message in a compelling way has never been at a greater premium. Acrobat 9 is a response to this environment and is poised to fundamentally change how professionals communicate and collaborate using electronic documents." PDF Portfolios will be able to integrate video, audio and even 3D objects into a single compressed PDF file., a public beta of Adobe's new online collaboration service, was announced at the same time as Acrobat 9. The service will permit the online storage of Acrobat files and will support remote presentation of Acrobat projects. Adobe's Connect Now will support personal Web conferen-

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