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166 MacDirectory FEATURE TOP MAC GAMES Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Made by > Infinite Interactive Price > $19.99 Game type > Puzzle Description > Do you love matching games like Bejeweled? How about role- playing games like Baldur's Gate? Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords offers an outstanding experience that combines the gameplay of puzzle games with the character development of RPGs, resulting in a completely unique title that will keep your mind engaged for days on end. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Made by > Splash Damage Price > $49.95 Game type > Shooter Description > A prequel to the events of Quake 2, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars lets players take command of a squad of Global Defense Force soldiers in the ongoing fight against the Strogg armies. The game rewards players who do more than simply think with their guns. Learn to tailor your team's strengths to the changing demands of each particular battle, or be destroyed along with humanity's future. Neverwinter Nights 2 Made by > Obsidian Entertainment Price > $49.95 Game type > Role-playing adventure Description > The greatly-anticipated sequel to Neverwinter Nights brings back the deep character customization and exciting gameplay that the original perfected. Choose to be good, evil, or neutral. Play a Fighter, Wizard, or Rogue. Choose from a vast skill tree to combine abilities and powers to create a character that will withstand the forces of darkness and bring hope to the Realm. WORDS BY KEONI CHAVEZ Spore Creature Creator Made by > Electronic Arts/Maxis Price > $49.95 Game type > Simulation Description > From the mind behind the best-selling titles SimCity and The Sims comes the Spore Creature Creator, an amazingly fun and addictive virtual genetics lab, where you can put together any kind of creature you can imagine. This game is only one part of the upcoming title Spore, which will take you on a journey from the depths of the primordial ooze to the vastness of the cosmos. Fable: The Lost Chapters Made by > Lionhead Studios Price > $49.95 Game type > Action adventure Description > In Black and White, Lionhead Studios challenged your morality by giving you the power of the gods. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, they've gone in the opposite direction. Playing as orphaned character Hero, the choices you make in your quest to avenge your family lead you inevitably down the road to either redemption or damnation. Good or Evil, the choice is yours. EVE Online: Empyrean Age Made by > CCP Games Price > $19.95 monthly fee (purchase includes 30 days play) Game type > Online Role Play Description > Starting out with a single tiny ship, players have the opportunity to grow their fledgling mining business into a thriving concern that may either attract the notice of mercenary outlaws or present the chance to join forces with a powerful corporation. Combat and diplomacy play equal parts in this engaging title.

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