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MacDirectory 155 LENBROOK > LEADING WITH NAD ELECTRONICS HOME AUDIO For the audiophile who wants awesome sound and control, NAD Electronics has achieved the ultimate with their C720BEE Stereo Receiver combining the C320BEE amplifier and a RDS AM/FM tuner. Not to be outdone, NAD Electronics also offers the VISO TWO DVD/CD Receiver. NAD now offers the level of performance associated with NAD's highly acclaimed full-size separates in an elegantly designed, yet compact package. Tying either of these packages together with the PSB speaker series from NAD and the audiophile creates the ultimate in listening and viewing enjoyment. MacDirectory spoke with Mark Stone of the Lenbrook Group of Companies, a privately owned Canadian corporation. Formed in 1978, Lenbrook is a major distributor of electronic components. NAD Electronics International, a Lenbrook company, is one of the world's most famous brands of specialty home audio and home theatre electronics. PSB loudspeakers have earned an international reputation as one of the most accurate, natural, and balanced reproducers of musical sound you can buy. Says Stone, "Basically the VISO TWO is a music system that has the ability to play DVDs. If someone doesn't want to hook up a full surround-sound system, but they still want the ability to watch DVDs in a bedroom, den or wherever, this is an ideal product for that application. It is a very elegant, compact package. NAD has been known for making products that are very utilitarian on the outside and exceptionally musical on the inside. They have been doing that for over 35 years. This is a product that breaks that mold in a sense that it provides all that exceptional performance but it has won international awards for its design. This is a music system that also has the ability to play DVDs. In addition to working off a pair of speakers that are not part of the system but what someone would add, in this product there is the capability to create a surround-sound image through the utilization of technology developed by NAD. It has what is called Dolby Virtual Speaker (and Dolby headphones). Dolby Virtual Speaker creates a surround sound image from two individual speakers and Dolby Headphone does the same. Users may want to consider partnering these systems with loudspeakers from PSB Speakers." From the NAD specifications sheet: • 2 x 50 Watts, 20Hz-20kHz, with <0.08% THD into 8 Ohms, both channels driven simultaneously (NAD Full Disclosure Power) • 2 x 60 Watts FTC power • Plays DVD-V, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R, CD- RW, MP-3, J-PEG, WMA • DVD-Audio • Progressive Scan Video with Component Video Output • Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone • Full-size Separate Component performance • Subwoofer output • Satellite and VCR inputs • 1 Component Video input • OSD available on Component (and SCART) output • HDMI output for DVD Player • VCR & TV monitor outputs including Component (120V) or SCART (230V) • 2 digital inputs: 1 RCA; 1 TOS Link • 1 TOS Link digital output • IR Input • RS-232 port for advanced control system interface • RDS tuner (RDS PS & RDS RT) • 30 AM and 30 FM presets • DAB ready for use with optional DB 1 digital tuner module (230V version) • XM Ready (120V version) • Data Port for optional IPD 1 dock for iPod®. • Clock with Timer function • All RCA sockets gold-plated • HTR-7, 8 Device Learning NAD Electronics International and PSB Speakers can be found at and WORDS BY LEE GRIGGS PROFILE

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