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126 MacDirectory PROFILE VIDEO SYMPHONY TV & FILM SCHOOL > FOCUSING ON POST PRODUCTION Are you exploring a new career in film, TV, film, graphic design, or sound? Perhaps Video Symphony TV & Film School may be the right choice for you. While other schools teach a little about many subjects that can include screenwriting, cinematography, lighting, sets, casting, directing, production and a touch of post production editing and output for broadcast, Video Symphony covers Post Production entirely. As a result, Video Symphony is perfect for individuals who wish to specialize in the Post Production area. To be more specific, the school offers three different programs — with subtle variations. All of the programs are taught by industry professionals and all classes possess state- of-the-art Post Production equipment and software. The programs are as folllows: TV & Film Editing (via Avid and Final Cut Pro), Sound Editing (Pro Tools) and Motion Graphics (primarily Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Maya 3D). Although all of these programs are popular ones, one program in particular stands out. "Our Professional Film and TV Editing Program (formerly "Avid Professional Program") is our most popular program," says Greg Dawson, Video Symphony's director of marketing. Since the programs are generally 10 to 14 months in length, the intensive hands-on training approach at the school ensures that all students are more than prepared for a post-production career. In fact, many of the students at Video Symphony hail from other film schools. "Because of our unique focus, many students who go through more traditional film/TV schools end up coming here even after they graduate because they have learned through their school experience that editing is their calling – and that editing a couple of projects over many months does not qualify them to be competitive in the marketplace," says Dawson. The school continues to improve, recently moving to a new facility in downtown Burbank, Calif. Of course, the school is constantly keeping up with the latest in Post Production technology. Many graduates have gone on to work for a wide variety of popular entertainment companies. Some of these companies include: Ascent Media, Technicolor Deluxe, Fox, Warner Bros., Point 360, NBC, WATV, Sony, Disney, Victory Studios, MatchFrame, Asylum, Photokem, and more. WORDS BY LARISA REDINS

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