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40 MacDirectory DEPARTMENT Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: History buff Dan Carlin contemplates the dilemmas of modern society by contrasting them to the happenings of the past. A self-made historian, Dan has worked as an author, a TV broadcaster and radio host for the past two decades. Although history can be a snoozer, Dan's ability to delve into exciting and sometimes violent topics brings a certain liveliness that is lacking in the history textbooks. Listening to him describe the brutal practices of ancient Assyrian kings is a bit spooky and quiet gruesome but truly fascinating. Dan is knowledgeable enough to admit the he can't speak intelligibly on every topic which gives his credibility a bump. If you have ever wondered what the world would be like if the British won the Revolutionary War, tune in to Hardcore History. Mahalo Daily: This daily video podcast brings you the latest developments and products from the wonderful world of technology. Host Veronica Belmont, a former producer at CNET, not only keeps viewers informed on new products, but shows us how these products help improve our productivity. One episode explored the process of self publishing a book. Looking beyond the software available for it, she chatted with author Tom Merritt who provided tips on self-editing, strategies for overcoming writers block, and tips on how to market your masterpiece after you've published it. The most recent episode of Mahalo Daily showed off the Axiotron Modbook. For all of you Mac fanatics who've been waiting for an Apple tablet, your prayers have been answered. The video aspect of this podcast is great because it shows the products in action as opposed to just hearing someone drone on about them. Watching an Axiotron employee draw a sketch of Belmont on the Modbook really demonstrates the versatility of this tablet running on Leopard. AROUND THE NET: If you want to see a monkey riding a goat that's walking across a tight rope this video podcast is for you. AROUND THE NET digs through sites such as YouTube and and delivers the weirdest and most hysterical clips to your iPod. The best part about this podcast is that a new three- to four- minute episode is created every day for your enjoyment. If you missed Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick get tricked into thinking he was traded to a team in Japan, don't sweat it, just tune into to AROUND THE NET. Some of the more vile clips and foul language have earned this podcast an explicit warning label. If you have been caught by your boss surfing YouTube a few too many times, you might want to subscribe to AROUND THE NET. Radio Lingua Network: For all of you aspiring polyglots, Radio Lingua Network offers a number of podcasts that will help you learn to speak French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The Coffee Break series of podcasts offers quick tutorials that will help you through everyday situations when traveling. Whether you are preparing for a European vacation, cramming for a final exam, or just mastering a new language for the fun of it, the Coffee Break podcasts are sure to help you on your way. The President's Weekly Radio Address (the official parody): Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to admit that our current commander-in-chief, George W. Bush, isn't the most elegant public speaker we've elected. Consequently, he's one of the most lampooned and parodied leaders we've had in history. Keeping up the political punch lines, the President's Weekly Radio Address podcast is a comical rendition of Bush's weekly radio address. Whoever is behind the microphone on this podcast has nailed Bush's Texas twang and provides one of the better impersonations of our leader I've heard. One episode has the leader speaking on our lazy economy and the sagging rise in new construction. Looking for a good laugh to help get you through the remaining term? This podcast should do the trick. HOTTEST PODCASTS MACDIRECTORY PRESENTS ITS PERIODIC LOOK AT THE HOTTEST PODCASTS ON THE WEB. WHETHER IT'S HISTORY, POLITICS, HUMOR OR TECHNOLOGY, WE HAVE IT COVERED, EVEN MENTIONING A PRODUCT THAT IS REVIEWED ELSEWHERE IN THE CURRENT ISSUE – THE AXIOTRON MODBOOK. WORDS BY CHRIS SWEENEY

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