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MacDirectory 155 PROFILE DOSCH DESIGN > IMAGING THE FUTURE Imagine the wind whipping through your hair as you cruise down the highway in a turbo-powered red Porsche. Hear the wind, see the landscape racing by and look at the amazing detail of the car around you. Since its founding in 1995, Dosch Design engineers have worked to make sure that the customer can enjoy that image and so many more. Dosch supports advertising agencies, brand-name enterprises, industrial and trade companies, public service and research institutions in their graphic design endeavors. Their products are used in many television programs, movies, magazines, advertising campaigns and publications of international customers. "The success of Dosch Design is the focus on the needs of our customers. Their daily projects help us to constantly improve and continue to develop our solutions," said Managing Director Sebastian Dosch. In the world of high-level 3D graphics, Dosch Design is one of the best-known firms around. From cars to landscapes, Dosch offers a full range of images to fill any user's needs. Dosch offers not just images, but also movie clips, backgrounds, animation, full lighting for animation scenes and Web page graphics. If you need sound to go with a presentation, no problem, packages are available with everything from long-playing music to voices speaking in German and English. From the technically challenging to the more photographic, Dosch offers products for every user, including Viz images. These are 2D-depictions of people, cars, road elements, interior furniture, trees and plants. Simply load renderings into Photoshop, or use them directly in 3D-scenes as a planar 3D model. This product is compatible with most 2D- and 3D-applications. One of the many innovative technologies that Dosch has designed for the consumer is the use of High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI). HDRI images allow the user to import the complex lighting of a real scene in your individual 3D-design. Perfect shadow casting and reflection propel renderings into a new dimension of realism and expressiveness. Currently, there are 17 different HDRI products for sale on the Dosch Web site and an editing tool that allows you to design your own HDRIs or edit existing files. "Dosch Design partners with top CG developers to improve the usage of 3D- models, HDRIs and shaders," said Dosch. Dosch movie clips offer royalty-free, animated sequences of the Movie-Clips product line, containing background animations and effects for the professional and cutting-edge design of DVDs, trailer, TV commercials and presentations. Illustrations cover pictures, product advertising, annual reports, event artwork; the Dosch LayerFX product line offers a comprehensive collection of design "templates" that are provided as Photoshop layered images. Support your motion design with high- quality, royalty-free music and sound effects. These products are optimized for the use in trailers, presentations and as background music to movie scenes. For customers who need to work with all the different products from Dosch, Design bundle packages are available with everything from the usual 3D graphics to audio clips. "Virtual photo studios with absolutely photo realistic surroundings, lighting and the total freedom for the designer's and photographer's virtual camera is what we will release later this year. This will completely change the way people think about shooting products, cars and all kinds of industrial objects for advertisement," said Dosch. "Currently, we are working on over 50 new products, which will be released the next few months. So we offer our clients many new and innovative solutions for their daily business." WORDS BY MARY ROSENTHOL

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