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MacDirectory 151 MacDirectory 151 PROFILE eSELLERATE > SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS FOR THE WORLD OF E-COMMERCE eSellerate is an industry- leading software commerce provider. It provides the e-commerce tools and solutions for software publishers to sell more of their products. MacDirectory had the opportunity to speak with three key individuals, Brant Pallazza, Vice President of Global Direct at Digital River, which now owns eSellerate; Patrick Smith, Vice President and Platform General Manager for eSellerate; and Gerri Dyrek, director of Public Relations for Digital River. eSellerate provides the software publisher with multiple sales solutions and the tools to upload content in real-time, set prices, create promotional coupons and offers and customize the look and feel of the order forms. MacDirectory > Patrick, can you tell us a little about the beginning of eSellerate? Patrick Smith > The company was formed by MindVision Software in 1987 with the focus of putting out Mac-based products and tools. Some of the products that we were best known for were Speed Doubler, RAM Doubler, Stacker - those were in the late '80s and early '90s, all focused around compression technology. That compression technique moved in to a product called Installer Vise. Installer Vise is a software installer for the Macintosh. As we put our products into the Mac community focused on the delivery of software generally around the installation process, we moved into the notion to extend that software delivery expertise into the world of electronic commerce. eSellerate was born and made its introduction into the Mac community at WWBC in 2000. MD > And the key people in the founding of eSellerate? PS > There was a core group of us that founded the company and the majority of those folks continue today. eSellerate was later acquired by Digital River. MD > Who is the key man in eSellerate? Brandt Pallazza > I believe I can answer that for you. Every one of the platforms that Digital River has acquired has a general manager and that's Patrick's role at eSellerate. He is very much like a general manager. He is responsible for the staff, for the platform, the positioning of the platform, new customer acquisition, everything even down to the maintenance of the building. So Patrick literally acts as the general manager of the company. MD > Is it correct that eSellerate is a spinoff of MindVision? PS > Let me try to clarify that a little bit. MindVision is really just the legal name of the company and historically it's basically two main business units and two main brands - one being the Installer Vise brand and product and the second being eSellerate. So there are really two separate business units of MindVision the legal entity. MD > Where does Digital River come in? BP > Digital River, much like eSellerate, is an e-commerce company. We have several e-commerce platforms: we have an analytics company we acquired years ago and we have an email company we acquired, so we are a e-commerce platform with a compilation of a lot of other businesses that support that e- commerce entity. Digital River recognized about two years ago that eSellerate was a leader and MindVision was a leader in the Mac software developer stage. Digital River had some expertise in Mac but our focus was on global worldwide commerce not necessarily focusing on the operating system. So when we saw how strong MindVision and eSellerate were in the Mac space we decided to proceed with the acquisition of MindVision so that we could further our expertise in the Mac environment. eSellerate still operates as a unique e- commerce platform owned by Digital River but we share the same infrastructure - we share the same back office, customer service, fraud management, the IT infrastructure, but eSellerate operates entirely independent in targeting the Mac community of software developers and developing tools and features to grow their revenue. MD > Patrick, what is the primary goal of eSellerate? PS > The primary goal of eSellerate is to provide leading world quality e-commerce and license management tools for the Mac development community throughout the world. WORDS BY E. LEE GRIGGS

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