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128 MacDirectory CLOSER LOOK GLIDECAM INDUSTRIES > FOR TRUE CAMERA STABILIZATION Recognizing a need for better camera stabilization products in the early 1990s, Martin Stevens founded Glidecam Industries in 1992. Today Glidecam boasts an ever-expanding product line with hundreds of international dealers. Glidecam attributes its success to the ability to offer a high quality product at an affordable price point. Its dedication to superior customer service before and after a sale helps tremendously. As an added bonus, Glidecam does offer one- and two-day workshops in a number of locations. Specialization Glidecam offers various types of camera stabilizers for camcorders, video cameras, and motion picture cameras. Since these cameras can be body-mounted and hand held, these stabilizers give users the freedom to travel in a vehicle and on hilly terrain -- and even run and walk -- without the camera shaking. Further, cameras can be used in place of or in conjunction with the usual film equipment, which can include tripods, camera cranes, dollies and tracks. In other words, professional and amateur filmmakers alike can benefit from the fluidity that the camera stabilizers provide. Users Since Glidecam offers products for amateurs and professionals, a wide range of filmmakers use these products. The company's camera stabilizers can be found in use on well-known television productions, such as Oprah, National Geographic Explorer and American Idol. As an example, Greg Acosta, a professional camera operator, uses the Glidecam Gold System -- a body- mounted camera stabilization system designed for professionals -- on shows that include Dancing With the Stars, Dr. Phil, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the NFL on Fox. "I can honestly say I've been putting the rig through the wringer since 2002 and it has never failed me," Acosta says in a testimonial on the Glidecam Web site. "I have put the Glidecam Gold system though a lot of challenges such as extreme weather, hot beaches and deserts." "You can pay a heck of a lot more money for different brands (of which I also happen to own), but I honestly say my Glidecam Gold Series is a precision designed work horse that has never let me down, that's key when doing live or live to tape television." Newest Products Glidecam recently unveiled several new products to add to their current roster of successful products. One is the Glidecam X-10. This new product is an extremely advanced camera stabilization system that is designed to be used with cameras that weigh up to six pounds -- when it is used with the Glidecam 2000 Pro. The Glidecam X-10 can also be used with cameras that weigh four to 10 pounds - when used in conjunction with the Glidecam 4000 Pro. Another new product is the Glidecam V- 25, a body-mounted camera stabilization system for professionals. With respect to its price range, this new model boasts of sophistication, versatility, and advanced engineering. Still one other new product is the Glidecam Vista Crane System. This new system is extremely versatile – yet it is precise and easy to assemble. Glidecam in the Future According to Thomas Howie, vice president of sales and marketing at Glidecam, the company believes in constantly creating and improving upon existing successful products. "Innovation is the key to the future and we will continue to provide the highest quality more versatile products at the most affordable price in this ever changing industry," he said. Glidecam Industries is well positioned to continue offering quality camera stabilizers for both amateur and professional filmmakers. For more information, visit . WORDS BY LARISA REDINS GLIDECAM V-25 GLIDECAM VISTA HEAD III GLIDECAM X-10

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