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Spring-Summer 2008 (#37)

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PROFILE MACSPECIALIST When in the Chicagoland area, MacSpecialist is the place to call if you need sales, service or training on Apple products. There are two locations to serve Apple owners plus onsite, hands-on training is available. MacDirectory spoke with Amy Bogatto, training and marketing manager for the MacSpecialist team. MacDirectory > Amy, tell us something about the history of MacSpecialist. How did the company get started? Amy Bogatto > MacSpecialist has been around for about 25 years serving in various capacities across the suburbs of Chicago. Our primary base of operations is the Chicago area but we have clients spread over the country and internationally. We do train students from across the country but most of our retail business is in the Chicago area. Our service program deals primarily in the Chicago area as well as southern Wisconsin, southern Illinois and western Indiana as well. MD > Does MacSpecialist provide in office or home training for the Apple user? AB > We do. We offer everything in training for the consumer as well as IT professionals. Apple Certified Training and Technical Training and Apple Certified Pro Application Training as well as one-on-one training and certification. We offer weekly consumer training on iLife applications as well as other applications that the consumer and IT professional may use. MD > What is the most important thing to know about MacSpecialist? AB > The fact that we are a complete solution company is something we brag about. We will do everything from sell you the product, set it up for you, train you how to use it and then provide support service for the mission if you should need it in the future. MD > What comment would you have for a PC user who is thinking about moving to the Mac? AB > (laughing) That's a touchy question. I would say it is definitely an investigation worth their time. The products will help them to make their lives more efficient and effective. MD > I recently moved up from PCs to Mac. My Mac store is over two hours from my office. What would you recommend to someone who is interested in buying a Mac but is in the same situation? AB > That's a good question. Honestly, if you are new to the product and don't know how to use the operating system, even though it would be out of your way to go get some training, definitely investigate some classes at the nearest facility. If you are switching from Windows to the Mac just about every Apple reseller will have classes geared towards those who are coming from a Windows platform. By spending two or three hours with your Apple store you will be able to gain the most from your products. It may be a few hours of your time but you will be able to use your products to their full capabilities. It's amazing what you can learn in just a couple hours of training. As a Windows user you are trained to think very hard about what you are doing and you have to deprogram your brain from that when using the Mac because it is intuitive. MD > For the potential Mac user living in the Chicago area, would you recommend they come into a showroom and spend some time experimenting with the different machines? AB > Absolutely. Customers are encouraged to come in and spend time with the different products and we have the complete Apple line. They will have a chance to experiment with any Apple product -- everything is available on our retail floor to play with. We have fully trained sales professionals to answer any questions they may have. We also have very competent trainers to assist them when they buy their new product. MD > If you had one particular point you would like to get over to our readers, what would it be? AB > I would say MacSpecialist is a one- stop shop for your Apple needs because we will do everything necessary to determine your needs and find the product to fill those needs, training you how to use it and maintaining and servicing that machine until you are ready for a new one. You can learn more about the company at WORDS BY E. LEE GRIGGS

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