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Inside the Artist Mind > The Jason Seiler Story Words and Illustration by Jason Seiler As an artist, I enjoy drawing and painting just about everything, and as a kid I explored many different topics and would fill sketchbooks full of everything—from sharks to songbirds, Ninja Turtles, and Bugs Bunny to Batman, Superman, Spider-man and more!  Around the age of nine or ten I started drawing caricatures and, at the time, I didn't know what I was doing was called "caricature" drawing. I thought I had discovered something new, not realizing that artists had been drawing caricatures for hundreds of years.  My Dad who is an artist as well, bought me a book on caricature and I realized I not only hadn't invented this style or way of seeing and drawing people, but that I had so much more to learn.  I became obsessed with drawing caricatures, I was determined to figure it out and wanted to be the best at it.  I really wanted to push and challenge myself, and compared to drawing regular portraits, drawing good caricatures is a real challenge.  It requires a great deal of skill, imagination and comprehension of what makes a person unique and different from others, and how to truly capture a person's character and essence.  This is why today, I prefer drawing and painting people over other subjects.  Caricature is an art form

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