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LINX provides all the same features and functionality that you’d expect.  It is durable and well ventilated, and keeps your head protected. Attached to the chin-strap are two ‘speakers’ that allow you to listen to music through bone conduction technology, leaving your actual ears uncovered.  This is essential for cyclists, as you need to be able to hear the traffic around you, other cyclists on the road, and even how well your bike is functioning.  Also accessible through the same speakers are GPS directions and phone calls. You can answer phone calls with a touch of the included fob device that attaches to your bike frame, allowing you to keep your hands on the handlebars.  A microphone built into the front of the helmet handles the outgoing audio, and a micro USB charging port on the rear of the helmet will net you ten hours of listening and talking (though potentially much longer if you aren’t using the phone call functionality on a regular basis). The LINX Smart Helmet manages to provide the benefits of modern technology to a timeless hobby, without become invasive.  Its innovative features keep cyclists safer and provide for a more pleasant riding experience.  I’m excited to see what Coros does next! For more information, visit: PowerLight Mini by BioLite The PowerLight Mini is an essential for all nocturnal bike riders and adventures. At night, it can be difficult to spot bicyclists, and if there is no bike lane available this can be extremely dangerous. Using the bike mount included, attach it to the back of your bike and pedal away without having to worry about your safety. There are three light modes to choose from, depending on your specific need. The Edge-Lit Lantern works very similar to a flashlight. It’s comes in very handy if you drop something in the dark, for example while locking your bike up. This is a very bright white light that can also be dimmable with the touch of a button, in case you are using it around friends. The Red Night Mode is ideal to preserve your night vision, and finally the Flash Mode. The Flash Mode is what most bikers and runners use to stay visible. It will flash intermittently between red and white, making you visible to cars around you. One of my favorite aspects of the he PowerLight Mini is how small it is. You can clip it to your shirt without feeling weighed down while running. Use the same clip to attach it to a tent, or simply to make it stand on a table. It’s extremely versatile. Use it when you need a little light to see better, or to be seen yourself. Finally, it also comes with a rechargeable battery that will power your phone or other electronic devices using a USB cable. For more information, visit:

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