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Fitness in Style > Holiday Workout By Thomas Bender Spire developed in Stanford’s Calming Labs
 The Spire is a new take on the fitness tracker that goes beyond step counting to include breathing analysis. This technical evolution provides more detail than just how far you walked, and attempts to track your state of mind as much as your physical health. Even while you are sitting down at your desk, on the couch, or in the car, the Spire will collect data to determine whether you are calm, focused, or active throughout the day.   Attaching to your belt or your bra, the Spire is a small gadget that purposefully resembles a small stone; it is gray with a pleasant texture and a small clip, devoid of any buttons.  Instead, as you might expect, managing the Spire occurs via your i-device.  The fully featured app monitors your breathing (as well as your activity when you are moving), tracks your progress, measures your own personal goals, and even notifies you when the Spire can’t get an accurate reading. This unique little device can last more than five days on a single charge, and when you need a bit more juice, you can toss it on the included inductive charging cradle - no plugs required.  The charger is effective (fully charges the Spire in an hour) and looks very nice, so you really have to go out of your way to run out of battery! So set your goals, monitor your progress, and if you start falling behind, check out some of the Spire’s “Boosts” that guide you through some simple practices to help you achieve your goals and be less tense throughout the day. With a bevy of fitness trackers available today, Spire is showing that there is still room for innovation. For more information, visit: LINX Smart Helmet by Coros ($199) Apps for cycling are easy to find, but what’s been missing is the innovation in cycling hardware to leverage the new technologies that we’re adding to our lives at a breakneck speed.  The LINX Smart Helmet from Seattle-based Coros aims to address that void.  The LINX is more than just a ‘connected helmet’ - it uses your smartphone but also comes equipped with specifically designed hardware to improve your daily cycling experience. Almost indistinguishable from a modern cycling helmet, the

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