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Travel in Style > Holiday Getaway By Thomas Bender Esquire Mini by Harman Kardon For frequent travelers out there, one of my top recommendations for a must-have product is a portable Bluetooth speaker.  A good speaker can make any hotel room remind you of home, and is sure to delight your travel companions as well.  If you like to travel, and are tired of the rubberized black rectangles that define most Bluetooth speakers these days, consider making a statement with the Harman Kardon Esquire Mini. The Esquire Mini is imminently portable.  It has a footprint that is about the size of a large smartphone, but puts out big sound for a tiny speaker.  It’s slim, flat, portable form factor instantly transforms into a front facing speaker thanks to an integrated chrome kickstand on the rear of the speaker.  Lest you wonder how portable this unit is, it comes packed in with a wrist strap, and while the Esquire Mini will easily slip into a pocket when not in use, it is best kept on display where you and everybody else can admire its premium finish along with its leather and chrome stylings. While it undeniably looks gorgeous, the Esquire Mini still comes equipped with a full list of features.  Its 2,000mAH battery provides up to 8 hours of playback, and can even be used to charge your other devices in a pinch via the included USB port on the right side.  It’s also charged via micro USB, so no need to pack an additional proprietary charger.  Discrete buttons for power, pairing, volume up/down, and call control grace the top of the speaker, while a dual microphone array is on the left side and provides surprisingly clear call quality thanks to its echo and noise cancelling technology (the feature I was most surprised to find in this tiny package).  Lastly, a hidden LED hides under the speaker grill on the front to indicate the current status.  About the only thing missing from the Esquire Mini is a carry case, which would really cement it as a traveler's dream. The pair of 4 watt speakers inside produce decent sound for a speaker of this size.  For a traveler, the lack of robust bass response is probably an easy trade for the portability of the Esquire Mini.  Can you get better sounding, small form factor speakers for around the same price? Yes, but none of them look this good, or feel this premium.  For anyone who finds themselves packing a bag often, the Esquire Mini is a great addition that won’t even require finding any extra room. For more information, visit: Discovery Set by goop by Juice Beauty After a long flight, your skin is tired and needs extra attention to quickly bring it back to where it was before a long red eye. The Discovery Set has four must-have travel essentials, packaged in travel-friendly sizes. The Exfoliating Instant Facial will give your skin the spa treatment it deserves. Follow treatment with the Revitalizing Day Moisturizer, and compliment it with the Enriching Face Oil, which can also be used after the Replenishing Night Cream. All these products are filled with vitamins A, C and E—antioxidants that help the skin look bright and even. You will also find sandalwood nut oil, which hydrates and tightens the skin. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles goop by Juice Beauty uses hyaluronic acid, and to achieve an even complexion and reduce dark spots, poet’s daffodil is added. For more information, visit:

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