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Slice, Dice, Shred Cuisinart’s Elemental Food Processor By Thomas Bender At times, it seems like the Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor could replace the whole kitchen.  It seemingly has a function for every step of the meal preparation process, and is big enough and powerful enough to handle most things you would ever throw at it.  If the footprint of your kitchen allows for it, the Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor is an amazing addition that you’ll be using more than you can imagine. As you might expect for a 550-watt food processor, Cuisinart has put together a sturdy machine that won’t move around on your counter.  The mechanics (of which there are a lot) all work nicely, and you’ll find yourself seeking the comforting *click* of each part as you assemble the processor for your desired task.  The SealTight Advantage System keeps you safe from leaks or spills, and also allows you to really fill the machine to its full capacity.  That being said, kitchens can get messy, so it’s nice that the LED-lit control panel is rubberized for maximum protection. The processors accoutrements are as plentiful as its functions, and you may need to find some extra space to store the various blades, attachments, adapters, and other tools that Cuisinart thankfully includes with this kitchen workhorse.  The included locking storage case contains large and small chopping blades, a dough blade, a reversible shredding disc, an adjustable slicing disc, and an adapter stem.  The adapter stem can be used with the four and a half cup small bowl that is great for smaller tasks like chopping nuts or slicing an onion; it’s perfect for multi-stage recipes or even using the processor for two different dishes in the same meal.   Of course, part of the namesake is the dicing function, which includes additional attachments, plus a cleaning tool and a flat cover that allows you to use the processor without dirtying the small, medium, or large feeding tubes.  See what I mean about a lot of parts?  Nevertheless, all these stainless steel and sturdy plastic attachments combine nicely and lock into place. The main 13 cup work bowl is great for large meal prep (especially in conjunction with the super wide access mouth), whether you are cooking for a family or just want to ensure some leftovers.  The dicing attachment is also amazing especially for things like salsa or fruit salad; I never thought I’d get away with a machine doing all my dicing in the kitchen!  Cuisinart has gone out of their way to make as many of the parts dishwasher safe as possible, which is good because otherwise there would be a lot of pieces and blades to clean after every meal. With the Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor, you can make the dough for a pizza, dice and puree the tomatoes for the sauce, slice and dice your toppings, and then shred the cheese for the top, all with this one machine.  It is truly a kitchen work horse, and while it requires some experience and know-how to get the most out of all its abilities (not to mention some counter space), you’ll be thankful for all the time it saves and the consistency it produces. For more information, visit:

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