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iluminage TOUCH > Permanent, Easy, Fast By Claudia Paredes I came across iluminage a couple months ago. Technology has advanced in so many ways, and it’s about time that a product like this was released. I think I can confidently say that most women would like to reduce hair growth in areas like their arms and legs. It’s not pleasant to have to constantly shave, and frustrating to have no way to stop hair growth. We have come across other hair removal products, but what sets iluminage TOUCH apart from other permanent hair reduction products, is the fact that this one is for everyone. No matter what skin tone you have, or hair color, iluminage TOUCH will work on you. It has been FDA cleared and it’s safe to use at home. Plus, it’s clinically proven to show results. Upon opening the package, it might look a little intimidating, but it’s actually very easy to use. Press the power button to turn on the hair reduction system, then you want to prep the skin that you will be treating. There are different recommended treatment times depending on what body part you choose to treat. For example, if you are treating your chin, only treat for two minutes, but if you are treating your legs, treat for ten minutes. When you are ready, go ahead and prep the skin by shaving it. Then you pick the Elos level that you are applying on that specific area. There are three levels—low, medium, and high. The first time I used the device I picked the first setting, and then as I got more comfortable I moved up to high. I actually did not notice much of a difference as far as how much heat it was being released, but this might change depending on how sensitive your skin is. I will say, that my skin is very sensitive and it never got too warm that I had to stop. If you do decide to start with high, then you might get quicker results. I really liked the fact that you can use the iluminage TOUCH on your body and face, and especially how simple it was to operate. For such a life-changing job that this device is doing, it doesn’t take much more than patience to see results. After I set the Elos level I picked up the applicator and pressed the button on the back of it to turn on. Once it was on I just had to glide the applicator across the area I was treating. The applicator will start to make a sound and you will start to see a flashing light. This just means that the applicator is doing its job. If the light doesn’t turn on make sure that it’s making enough contact with the skin, and that it’s gliding flat over the skin. The iluminage TOUCH does not use laser to reduce hair—which is why it’s such a different technology. It actually uses intense pulse light and radio frequency. These two energies work together disable the hair follicles that it’s aimed at—that is what is being released from the applicator. If you use it right, and over once every week for the period of seven weeks you will start to see results. It’s the intense pulse light and radio frequency that’s doesn’t allow for hair to grow back on that specific area that you are treating. The iluminage TOUCH is very safe to use and it was completely painless. I think the biggest challenge is setting some quality time aside to prep the skin and start treatment. However, once you start you will notice that setting ten minutes aside out of your busy day, is nothing compared to the life-changing results you will get in return. For more information, visit:

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