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patterns transition effortlessly and add to the immersion you feel as a character.  Even if it is not on the cutting edge of 2016 graphics, the implementation and art direction make this one hell of a pretty game.  Indoors, the luster wears off a little, but the winding hallways and cavernous dungeons were enough to distract me from any remnants of the original game’s graphical limitations. Another less obvious technological feat was Bethesda’s ability to support modifications from the PC on the consoles.  The original game became a lovechild of the modding community - altering the game’s assets and rules to create unique twists on the Skyrim experience - but this type of alteration has always been nigh impossible on the walled consoles (and continues to be a struggle).  For this Special Edition, Bethesda has ported some of the most popular mods from the PC to the console game, and these can all be turned off and on at the players will after setting up an online account with Bethesda.  These work as advertised, and while the PlayStation options are a little limited - Sony does not allow new assets, only alterations of the existing game assets - they are yet another reason to never leave the world of Skyrim again. Having missed Skyrim when it originally released, I am thoroughly enjoying it this go round.  It’s combination of full immersion, fantasy elements, and sheer variety all coupled with the ability to quick save and easily jump in and out of gameplay have made it one of my go-to games for pick up and play sessions.  I seem to have only just cracked the surface of what Skyrim has to offer, and I’m excited to forge ahead (or start over entirely) to experience the rest of what Bethesda Game Studios has crafted for me. For more information, visit:

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