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detractors will increase your chaos, resulting in a darker world populated with more enemies and blood flies.  Each chapter’s assassination target can also be eliminated directly, or more subversively by learning crucial information found only in the in-game literature scattered about each level. You’ll find these pieces of information littered around the Mediterranean-inspired landscape that paints a fairly stark contrast to the original’s dark city of Dunwall (which you are treated to during the game’s opening).  The levels are designed to take advantage of your short-range teleportation powers, and generally reward exploration and a vertical vantage point. The world is populated with a modest amount of NPCs that add even more color to the experience, and can sometimes share optional quests with you or provide ambient commentary on events of the game.  Enemies are a little hit and miss, and understanding when they will disrupt your stealth still isn’t as clear as I’d like, but that sort of ambiguity is often what prompted the most nail biting and creative combat sequences. There is so much to do, so much to explore, and so many options that most of Dishonored 2’s shortcomings are easy to ignore.  Some questionable audio design led me to check my speakers once or twice, and the controls on the PS4 were not as tight as I’d like.  Otherwise, the serviceable plot is carried by the amazing world building and ambiance, and fundamentally well-designed levels whose variety matches that of your super powers.  If you missed the first DIshonored, you may notice some references that go over your head, but that is no reason to wait on the sequel.  So dive in, pick your powers, and start enjoying the toy box of Dishonored 2! For more information, visit:

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