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NEW GAME > Dishonored 2 By Thomas Bender Dishonored 2 is a world that begs to be explored.  Whether it's the visual aesthetics, the complex level design, the in-world fiction, or the versatility and flexibility of the gameplay systems, the world of Karnaca provides a pleasing playground as you attempt to reclaim the throne of Empress Emily Kaldwin. Playing as either the empress herself, or her father, protector, and protagonist of the first game, Corvo, you’ll be sneaking through the varied chapters of Dishonored 2 employing super powers to dispose of your enemies.  While this may sound like a dozen other video games, Dishonored 2 stands out by providing a multitude of mechanics that interact to dazzling results.   There are some overt differences in the execution of the plot depending on your player choice, but the most obvious difference is in each character’s special abilities.  Both are highly mobile and able to silently take down enemies, but their powers, and therefore playstyle, differ largely beyond that.  Emily thrives on confusion, and her domino ability links multiple enemies together, while Corvo seems to be fit for more direct combat, and his time-bending abilities will see a lot of use.   Combining either character’s suite of powers is what really makes the moments you will remember.  Summon a doppelganger of yourself to draw enemies attention, then link them together while they aren’t looking, and then push one into an electric gate to watch them both explode, and then switch places with your doppelganger if you’d like; better yet, link a guard and a civilian that is about to be executed, and see the guard suffer the same death as his victim!  As Corvo, stop time in mid-air as you pin-point your teleport, then inhabit a host body when you land, transport to another host, and wind blast your host off a ledge to send them plummeting to their doom. Regardless of who you choose to play (and it’s worth playing through the game as both characters, eventually), Dishonored 2 gives you the freedom to complete each of your objectives as you like, and provides some meaningful incentives for certain behaviors through the Chaos system.  Stealth and non-lethal takedowns will result in a low chaos result, while outright confrontation and violently murdering your

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