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6. Smartwatch Powered by You - MATRIX PowerWatch Matrix Industries unveiled the Matrix PowerWatch, the world’s first smartwatch that uses thermoelectric technology so you never have to recharge or replace its battery. Launched on Indiegogo the device employs breakthrough nano-materials, advanced thermal engineering, and the latest in low power electronics to run exclusively off heat generated from the body. It also uses this technology to measure calories burned and show power generated from the body. The rugged aircraft-grade aluminum timepiece functions as a smartwatch that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone, automatically adjusts to the current time zone, and has changeable watch faces. The device also features advanced activity, sleep, calorie and power tracking functionality and stores up to a year’s worth of data. When you take off the watch, it automatically goes into sleep mode, keeping all the data in memory; it turns on after a few seconds when you put it back on. Back this campaign here: 7. Pup: The Connected Pocket Scanner The Pup allows you to stay comfortable where you are without moving around. You don’t need to worry about paper dimensions any more. Your documents are automatically and safely routed where you need them. Mobile The Pup is your nomad companion. It follows you everywhere. It takes care of everything and lets you focus on what really matters to you. Connected The Pup will bring you new creative scenarios every day, so you can stay up to date with your favorite networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram… They can all be reached in one click. It will even help you import your documents into Word and Excel. Works with everything The Pup can scan everything; it even works with books. It is smart and automatically fixes any reflection or page curve issues. The Pup comes with its own lights and does not relies on the ambient lighting. Back this campaign here:

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