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What Campaign Will You Be Supporting? 1. Air Selfie AirSelfie launched on Kickstarter as the first pocket-sized selfie camera drone, and has 5-megapixel video camera and four powerful propellers that are enclosed in an Italian-designed, stylish and lightweight (52g) aluminum case that measures 3.72 x 2.65 x 0.42 inches – smaller than a smartphone. AirSelfie users must simply download the free iOS and Android app in order to control the device’s movements through three different flight modes. AirSelfie can be returned to its departure point either manually or automatically. When users are finished using the device, it’s easy to return it to its landing spot—simply press the button labelled “slide to land” and AirSelfie descends and turns off. Users can also directly reposition the device by hand with no risk whatsoever of damaging it or themselves. Back this campaign here: 2. Phantom Air: World's First Tuneable Wireless Earbuds Each Phantom Air comes supplied with Trinity Audio’s renowned tuning filters. These filters allow users to tune the bass and adjust higher frequencies for a personalized listening experience. Even better, Phantom Air comes with a pocket charger that lasts for hours. The Trinity Phantom Air can be paired to any device capable of transmitting Bluetooth audio such as smartphones and computers. The Phantom Air use a industry leading Bluetooth v4.2 chip (also compatible with Bluetooth 3.0.) specifically designed for micro wireless applications. The V4.2 chip supports AptX codec AAC and standard SBC codecs. The Phantom Air has a unique double antenna, with one inside and another hidden in the outer shell to cure the majority of signal drop. Order this product here: 3. Zac: Voice Control Your Home with a Raccoon Hologram Start-up Vivoka presents Zac, a home automation system that can control every connected devices at home. The cool thing? It’s a holographic raccoon. The box is ready to plug-in and can control connected devices (compatible with the majority of home automation protocols and devices available on the market). The raccoon acts as a butler and reacts accordingly to the voice orders given to him, and he replies. So what makes it different from Google Home? • The raccoon hologram makes it definitely more fun and interactive • They are not limited to the Google ecosystem though totally open to any connected device you can find on the market • Much more secure and private (they don't have any access to your data) Back this campaign here:

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