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Gifts for Teens > Boys will be Boys By Thomas Bender 11. iTrip Clip Bluetooth Audio Adapter ($19.99) This tiny device will let you do wonders with your new iPhone 7. The iTrip Clip connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Once the device is paired, simply plug your desired headphones to the iTrip Clip and walk around, no string attached. The iTrip Clip allows you to connect any 3.5 mm headphones to it, and control any track playing from your phone—skip, play, or rewind to the previous song—directly from the iTrip Clip. Additionally, because your headphones are now connected to your phone via Bluetooth, this allows you to listen to music on your iPhone while charging it. It’s a win-win situation. For more information, visit: 12. iTrip AUX Bluetooth by Griffin ($49.99) The iTrip Aux Bluetooth adapter from Griffin does one thing perfectly—it adds Bluetooth connectivity to any car stereo with an auxiliary input.  This small device plugs into the 12-volt power supply in your car, and has a short 2-foot cable to plug into the auxiliary port of your stereo.  Any phone or tablet with Bluetooth can then connect to the device and output Bluetooth audio over the car’s stereo system.  It’s a great little gadget for upgrading an older car’s sound system to modern technology, and it never needs to be charged. The iTrip Aux Bluetooth connector doesn’t support phone calls, which will make sure your young driver is not tempted to talk on the phone while driving.  Different versions of the iTrip come with additional options for charging your phone simultaneously, though there is something to be said about the simplicity of a Bluetooth-only adapter.   For your music hungry teen who may not be in a brand-new, Bluetooth compatible car, the iTrip Aux Bluetooth from Griffin is a great stocking stuffer.   For more information, visit: 13. Siberia 350 by SteelSeries ($119.99) If you have a PC gamer in your life, chances are they will love the Siberia 350 headset from SteelSeries. SteelSeries have been making peripherals focused on gamers for more than a decade, and they’ve nearly perfected high quality, affordable headsets.  Beyond the comfort and quality of the headphones, the Siberia 350s also come with the gift of full color illumination, giving you full control to match your gaming rig (fully customizable with the included SteelSeries software). Like most SteelSeries headsets, the Siberia 350s are designed with an equally innovating and comfortable auto-adjusting suspended head strap.  Just pulling the cans over your ears will adjust the whole headset to sit comfortably on your head without any pinching or pulling.  The ear cups sit over your ears to block ambient sound, and are padded with memory foam to allow for marathon gaming sessions. Behind those ear-cups are 50mm drivers that pump out DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, mimicking a full speaker surround sound experience thanks to the on-board sound card.  Other features include a retractable mic, built-in volume controls, and a nice tactile mute switch.   For less than $120, the SteelSeries Siberia 350 gaming headphones are a great value, just make sure your gamer likes to play on his or her PC, since this headset operates off of a USB plug. For more information, visit:

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