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8. TUDIA klip Charging Cable Protector You may not realize it (until it’s too late, of course) but your charging cables can be subject to even more stress than you are. And when they break, it can be, at the very least, inconvenient if you’re on the road and, at worst, heartbreakingly expensive if it happens to happen to your MacBook charger. The technology to alleviate this issue is called cable “strain relief” and it’s never been an area at which Apple’s designers have particularly exceled. Or, to be fair, they may have given their users a bit too much credit for being gentle. The TUDIA klip offers that ounce of prevention that can save you a world of grief down the line. The soft rubber attachment slip over the ends of ends of the cable and rest against the connectors, giving the cables a gentler bend. A hard plastic shell clips over the base and keeps them securely in place. (The klip may not fit over some of the better third-party Lightning cables, which may already have a better strain relief design than Apple’s.) The klip comes in a variety of colors which, going beyond basic aesthetics, can remind you of which of your Lightning connectors is connected to your higher-power iPad charger. For more information, visit: 9. Sage 100ml by Ralph Lauren ($240) This summer Ralph Lauren opened its first ever Fragrance Salon on Madison Avenue, coinciding with the release of the Collection, a set of ten fragrances that are inspired by the experience of travel and celebrate all corners of the earth.  The Sage fragrance represents the Song of America and finds its muse among the Rocky Mountains of the American Mid-West. This particular fragrance pairs Green Fig, Fir Balsam, and its herbal namesake to produce a smooth, sophisticated scent.  The aroma is soothing and not sweet or cutting, making for an elegant experience that feels perfect for the springtime.  Its simple ingredients lead to a complex and slightly surprising scent. Sage is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles, and any woman will be pleased and impressed to have their hands on one of the newest and sought after fragrances this holiday season.  If Sage is indicative of the rest of the Ralph Lauren Collection, then the Fragrance Salon bears a visit, as the nine other aromas are sure to impress and offer a full range of pleasing olfactory experiences. For more information, visit: 10. TrackR Bravo by TrackR ($29.99) It’s common to misplace keys. One second they are in your hands, and the next you have no idea where you left them. I’ve spent hours searching for my keys, just to find out they were a couple feet away from me, hidden under a sweater. Having the TrackR Bravo could have saved me the valuable time. This small device attaches to virtually anything that you want to keep an eye on. Using a keyring, attach the TrackR Bravo to the rest of your keys. Then download the app. The app is very easy to use and intuitive, it will tell you how far from your keys (or anything else you maybe have attached the TrackR Bravo) you are. Use your phone to ring the device and immediately the TrackR Bravo will make a sound, leading you to your keys. Misplace your phone? Make the device do the work! Click it to make your phone ring. For more information, visit:

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