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Glidecam Industries, Inc., first and foremost, is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes products within the camera stabilization market. Glidecam came into existence in the early 90’s, and has since then continuously adapted to and fulfilled the desires and needs of videographers all over the world. Glidecam’s product line includes hand-held stabilizers, full body-mounted stabilizers, motorized brushless gimbals, cranes, sliders and accessories. All products are made right here in the USA and are made of the highest quality materials. Back in the mid-70’s, Garret Brown established an awareness of the benefits of using a stabilizer. Unquestionably, the introduction of stabilizers revolutionized the film industry forever. For the first time, the epic shot that gives the audience the feeling of gliding, flying, and floating could be created without the use of cumbersome equipment like dollies and cranes, offering more versatility and ease of movement to videographers. To give an example, one of the first uses of a stabilizer was in the iconic hallway scenes following the little boy on his tricycle in the timeless movie, The Shining. From the very beginning, Glidecam strived to offer high-quality products at affordable prices as camera equipment has always been and remains rather expensive. Glidecam’s presence also largely impacted the film industry, making stabilizers available to a wider consumer base. Over the years Glidecam has upgraded its stabilizers to provide helpful and unique features to make the stabilizers as user-friendly as possible. YouTube star Devin Graham discovered Glidecam stabilizers early in his career and they naturally became one of his favorite production tools. Devin is the filmmaker who created the widely seen bike parkour videos, one of which has over 35 million views! So how did using a Glidecam stabilizer impact and enhance the production of the bike parkour videos? There are a number of reasons why the bike parkour videos would not be remotely the same without the use of the Glidecam stabilizer. Specifically, Devin worked with a Glidecam hand-

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