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Extreme 510 Portable SSD by SanDisk For a slightly smaller capacity, in a slightly smaller package, for a slightly smaller price tag, but with a little more durability, consider the Extreme 510 Portable SSD from SanDisk.  This miniature drive is an upgrade to the Extreme 500, with many of the same functions, but added features for improved protection. Portability and durability are the name of the game here, as SanDisk has gone all out to make sure your data is safe regardless of where you take it. 
 Great for outdoor photographers, the Extreme 510 is IP55 rated to be splash proof and dustproof.  It can’t be fully submerged in water, but it will be fine in rainy conditions.  The construction also includes a rugged rubber bumper to protect it from drops, and the fact that it is a solid state drive and has no moving parts further protects the drive from any damaged data. The Extreme 510 isn’t just protected from physical threats, but also electronic threats.  It comes with optional encryption software that can be installed and set up with your own password, ensuring your data is kept private even if it falls into the wrong hands. If you haven’t used a solid state drive (SSD) before, prepare yourself for an upgrade.  Using the included (though short) USB 3.0 cable, the Extreme 510 reads data about 4 times faster than a typical spinning hard drive (up to 430MB per second) and writes at about 360MB per second.  Even for large videos, you’ll be transferring files faster than you can order another coffee refill. All of this comes in a package that is smaller than an average wallet!  Those rugged features are sure to help out when you throw the Extreme 510 in your bag, purse, or pocket, since this thing will fit anywhere. Whether you are looking for a pretty SSD to match your MacBook, or a rugged drive to throw in your bag at a moment’s notice, the Slim SSD USB-C G-Drive and the Extreme 510 Portable SSD are both fast options that make you roll your eyes at the transfer speeds of yesterday. For more information, visit:

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