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Portable Storage Solutions at your Fingertips By Thomas Bender Gone are the days of tiny flash drives that carry 16GB of your data, or large desktop external hard drives that need their own power source.  Today, you can find very portable solid state drives that are powered by USB and transfer data at incredible speeds. Slim SSD USB-C by G-Drive The Slim SSD USB-C G-Drive from G-Technology is a lightning fast external SSD for media rich content creators.   If the brand doesn’t sound familiar, then you might recognize its parent company, Western Digital, who is one of the leaders in computer storage (especially since they acquired SanDisk this past May).  The G-Technology brand itself focuses on serving all things audio and visual on the Mac, from photography, to videos, to digital illustrations and renders, any large format media file will be at home on the Slim SSD USB-C G-Drive. The physical drive itself is designed to match the aesthetic stylings of your MacBook and other iDevices - a beveled aluminum case is relatively unadorned, with the exception of a reflective “G” logo.  A black bumper wraps around the drive, providing some protection from any accidental nudges, but the design definitely befits form over function; if you are feeling a little clumsy or have had traumatizing experiences with damaged tech in the past, you may want to consider a more rugged option like the Extreme 510 Portable SSD. Any other skepticism about the intended audience for this SSD can be laid to rest upon opening up the G-Drive, since it comes formatted in HFS+ for Macs by default.  The drive is compatible with Windows, it just requires some reformatting.  The G-Drive accommodates Thunderbolt 3 and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, along with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, making this drive relatively future-proof.  Yet another nod to the expected long lifespan is the 3-year warranty from G-Technology. The Slim SSD USB-C drive is notable for its fast transfer speeds. Given its SSD internals, the expectations are high, and the drive performs well.  The drive reads up to 540 MB/second and writes closed to 300 MB/second; of course these speeds will be impacted by a lot of factors, but real world experience was close to these figures.  The fully utilizing its SSD format and various cable connections, the Slim SSD USB-C is a very fast external SSD, and given the style and price, it’s sure to be among the most sought after external storage solutions this year. For more information, visit:

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