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About MD Publisher | Markin Abras Art Director | Markin Abras Managing Editor | Claudia Paredes Claudia@Macdirectory.Com Online Editor | Webmaster Office / Account manager | Kristen Williams Contributing Editors | Ric Getter, Thomas Bender Contributing Writers | Ric Getter, Andrea Gallego, Levita Galinsky, Thomas Bender, Lisa Hill, Leandra Gallego, Trey Yancy Business Development | Kristin Williams Subscription | MacDirectory Magazine is now published 6 times annually. Go to for latest editions. To download our free app (ideal for iPad users) go to . Submitting article ideas, reviews, event postings and other comments, write to: Publisher | Entire contents ©2016 American C&T Corp. All rights reserved. ISSN 1547-1756. Published by American C&T Corp. Reproduction in whole or in part without ACTC permission is prohibited. ACTC neither endorses nor assumes responsibility of trademark or any content published. ACTC is not associated with Apple, Inc. MD Cover | Cover image by Jason Seiler Goodbye 2016! Another year is coming to an end, and I could not be more pleased with MacDirectory’s last edition of 2016. It is absolutely packed with amazing content! I would like to start with our Buyer’s Guide, which we have exclusively divided into four sections. Each section has unique gifts for each family member. Don’t know what to get your teenage daughter or son? We have some gifts that they will love (and won’t want to return)! We have also included a section for those who travel over the holidays. Be sure to check out the list of items you can’t leave the house without, in our Travel in Style section. And for those who like to squeeze in a workout over the holidays, then be sure to check out Fitness in Style, to see what latest gadget will make your workout easier. In this edition, we are featuring Jason Seiler, who is an award-winning illustrator. Learn the unique story of how he became the artist he is today. His portfolio ranges from caricatures to sketches, to portraits. His work is absolutely amazing, and we’re so happy to be featuring it. Inside there are plenty of exciting reviews. We had the opportunity to review several of KEF’s products, and to further understand the technology that goes behind making these luxury speakers, we spoke to Head of Acoustics, Jack Oclee-Brown. We also reviewed Casio’s EDIFICE, which is a great gift for the man of the house. And Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor, which is a perfect addition to any kitchen. We know how much you love your audio, so we also reviewed the best from Bowers & Wilkins and JBL. And for those who live in cold climates, we’ve got the jackets to keep you warm thias season. The Shelby for men, and the Astrid for women are part of the nobis Core Collection, and our pick for this year’s most stylish and innovative jackets. At MacDirectory, we’re all about offering solutions to make your life easier. In this edition, we have featured a couple different ways you can store your files (photos + video). Sandisk and G-Technology have amazing portable drives that are small, and fast. And if you prefer cloud services, MiMedia is where I prefer to save my files. Finally, be sure to keep up with the latest in video games—Dishonored 2, Battlefield 1, and Skyrim Special Edition. Read the thorough review from our video game specialist and find out what you have been missing this fall. Thank you for reading! -claudia

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