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Winter-Spring 2012

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CLOSER LOOK MOPHIE >JUICE PACK AIR AND JUICE PACK PLUS WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES There is no reason why your iPhone should ever run out of batteries again, even if you don't charge it for an entire weekend. Escape to paradise, to the most remote parts of the world, and still have a working phone — because with the latest stylish battery cases brought to you by Mophie, you will get the most out of your phone every day. Mophie is an award-winning, California- based company that has developed trendy mobile intelligent devices and accessories. Their unique design and ground-breaking solutions have been well recognized worldwide. They have developed a variety of products that extend the duration of battery life for the iPad, iPhone, iTouch and iPod. From the Mophie team: "At Mophie, we strive to deliver products known for their smart designs and innovative solutions. We embrace challenges and refuse to be deterred by obstacles. We aspire to create value for our customers, business partners and investors." Mophie is the proud developer of the Juice Pack, the first "Works With iPhone" portable battery case certified by Apple. Its slick and thin design creates not only a protective case for the iPhone, but also a longer battery life, which allows you to do all the things that you love the most about your phone without any restrictions. Play games, surf the Web for hours, and make all the calls you need without thinking about the battery life. The iPhone has many features, and there is no need why anyone should be missing out on them. Mophie's flagship product is the Juice Pack Air, which allows you to power through the day by virtually doubling the power with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery. Its innovative two-piece design is a perfect fit for the iPhone, and it has a removable cap for easy entry. You won't even know it's there, your phone will keep the basic features that you love: light, trendy, and small. battery cases made for iPhone 4/4S have a comfortable, ergonomic design while offering complete protection and the ability to recharge your phone while on-the-go. And if you need a battery to power you through an entire weekend, then the Juice Pack Plus is for you. It has a 2000mAh battery and it has a slightly more rugged look due to the dual-injected, rubberized, impact resistant band, which adds an extra layer of protection to your phone. However, the phone is still thin enough to fit in your pockets and light enough to carry in your hands. Mophie's Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus These products have many features, such as an LED status indicator that specifies the charging mode and current battery life. As well, there is a standby switch that allows you to toggle between charging and standby with the flick of a switch. And a USB charge and sync which allows you to sync your iPhone to your iTunes without removing the juice pack. Plus, there is a variety of vibrant colors to choose from for your own juice pack, each to match every unique personality. All Mophie products are developed to address real consumer and business needs and are seamless integrations of industrial, electronic, software and artistic designs. All Mophie products are available in Apple Stores, Best Buy, AT&T stores and other major retailers worldwide. MacDirectory 97 T t s r " l o r i' e D a h h C e a tl o Pi dd iE v e e h , c M c i h ei s f M o a c C p s e r o P J e t z e t r go a c e i e u si t e nh i e d P a k h n v a… P ,h N A c e . c w o o i r h 4 2 o t a — . u m " 1, 0 i p k e e r sf io tr om ue r d 0 " w g d ao d E T n e g h n M n S e w , o n e t p e p i h ! t J — b i r m e " e u e o 2 i T e c h r c s 0 P m 0 a a 1 A ii cr k i es r t , k R . h e h a n d s - T e n " t at ra i i — h rs y T b B t s , i c n h e C s a g o l m e . m h V s n E e o N i t T e s m c T a kn ed , ct O t a o s m , e n 2 l h t e a . r k d 1 s t d 0 e s 0 ih wP o . o nn "e !

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