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Winter-Spring 2012

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CLOSER LOOK PRATT INSTITUTE >CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN PHOTOGRAPHY AND DIGITAL IMAGING WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Finding the right institution to further your career is not always the easiest decision to make. There are many options and a wide selection of programs to choose from. Nevertheless, if photography and digital imaging is what you are interested in, then the place to go is the Pratt Institute Center for Continuing & Professional Studies. At Pratt Institute, photography is more than a moment captured in time; photography is an artistic and visual communication medium that crosses international divides. The Certificate Program in Photography and Digital Imaging at Pratt is designed for photographers, artists, designers, architects, and anyone else who has the desire to take their photographic techniques to another level. Digital photography has made it possible for everyone to take photos, and what at some point might have been a hobby now could be a career change. This program will provide a course of study that will teach from the fundamentals of photography to the more advanced technicalities. It is perfect for people preparing for a master's degree or pursuing personal growth. The program has a very organized path, which will teach students everything they need to know, from digital imaging to black and white photography. The Certificate Program in Photography and Digital Imaging covers everything from the lighting for still life, portraiture, to commercial applications. Students are encouraged to use their individual creative vision and find their own unique style. As well, students will learn about digital imaging, and how to retouch images, and do color corrections. By the end of the program, student will have a thorough body of work and professional portfolio. Completing the program has several requirements. Students must complete four foundation courses, four core courses, and at least five electives. Fortunately, for the students, Pratt Institute offers a large selection of courses to choose from. Also, required core courses may be waived for a more advanced course if the student shows competency through a portfolio review in the subject-matter of the course wishing to be waived. Non-certificate students are also welcomed to take individual classes, as long as class prerequisites are met or they are admitted through a portfolio review. And who is the person behind this program? Meet Cheryl Stockton, adjunct professor and Pratt CCPS Certificate Program coordinator. "I love living in New York City; the diversity, culture and energy moves you to do your best and keep up. So I find balance in nature and adventure. This shot is from the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, Peru. If you go, and I highly recommend it, make sure to get there early in the morning while the clouds and mist flow through landscape. It is a spiritual inspiration," said Stockton. Stockton teaches in the rapidly evolving field of digital imaging and web design. Together with Pratt CCPS, she developed the Interactive Media and Photography and Digital Imaging Certificate programs as well as co-developing the Digital Media track for the Pratt Institute Associate Degree program. As well, working with Global Learning Across Borders and the Rubin Museum of Art, she developed for Pratt Institute a Study Abroad program to Tibet, Artistic Traditions of Amdo, and took students to Tibet on a 40-day journey in 2007. Apart from working at Pratt, Stockton is the principal owner of Stockshot Studio, which offers visual communication and interactive solutions in photography, identity and web design. Stockton's photographic work was recently exhibited at the Tibet House for the Friends of Refuge Benefit. Also, her design and photography has been published in Health and Fitness Magazines, Sati Life, Yoga Works,,, Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, Self,, Yahoo Biz, Global Learning Across Borders, One Heart and MiaVita Online magazine. Her design and web clients include Amma and the World Farmers Project, Sati Life, Art-of-Conservation, Powerstrike, Inc., ECA World Fitness, New York Law School - perspective students site and interactive flipbook, New York Film Expo,, COMPASS, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Stockton exhibits her fine art work and has mounted numerous one-woman shows. For more information on the program, visit 92 MacDirectory

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