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Winter-Spring 2012

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CLOSER LOOK WHAT'S UP, DOCK? BOOKENDZ GIVES APPLE COMPUTERS A SAFE AND STYLISH PLACE TO LAND WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN There are a lot of companies that specifically cater to people who use Apple laptops, but none is quite like Bookendz. Started as Photo Control Corp. in the 1990s, Bookendz was purchased by Olympic Controls in 2005. The one thing about the company that hasn't changed however, is that Bookendz is still proud to have products that are made in the USA. recently had the opportunity to speak to Bookendz' Dave Armon and Sara Poss about the company, its' products, it's origin, and its' direction. When the company first started it was definitely catering to a very small, niche market, as Apple simply didn't have the following (or the product line) it does today. Yet, even as the popularity of Apple computers exploded, Bookendz kept up with the demand, working hard to quickly produce superior quality docking stations that fit all of Apple's computers; and all of its customer's needs. Along with being quick to respond to new Apple computer products, Bookendz also prides itself on the high quality and styling of its docking stations. The stations have an aluminum plate that not only makes for a fabulous look, but aids in cooling off the laptop. Recently the company added a docking station that includes a USB hub, giving their customers a little more space for their peripherals. According to Armon, along with Explained Armon, "A lot of our customers are repeat customers because a lot of them have to have the latest and the greatest (Apple computers) and then they have to have a docking station." So whenever Apple comes out with a new laptop, Bookendz sends an email to its customers and resellers asking them what they are looking for in their docking stations. The a great look and extra cooling capacity; the Bookendz insignia aluminum plate also guarantees that the docking station will be lightweight, making it easy to carry from home to class to the coffee shop. Poss told us that because of Bookendz' high styling and quality material, it tends to be more of a corporate than an individually purchased product. That said however, Bookendz users are incredibly loyal, staying with the company through each of Apple's many computer upgrades and iterations. answer, according to Armon, "for the most part, they've always been happy with what we've had." Bookendz can be found through a variety of resellers, including Best Buy and Systems Solutions Inc. They also have a huge international business, selling to users in Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Some of its best customers are educational institutions as well as, Poss proudly told the U.S. government. , Recently the company has begun to look into going into the accessory market, and has just released a new line of cables. The company is also running some specials on its website: . So if you're in the market for a lightweight, stylish, "Made in the USA" aluminum plate docking station specially made for your Apple computer, take a look at Bookendz. Visit for more information. 90 MacDirectory M a c D i r e c t o r y M a c D i r e c t o r y

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