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CLOSER LOOK SEAGATE >STORAGE DEVICES AND MUCH MORE WORDS BY LARISA REDINS Founded in 1979, Seagate is a leading storage device provider – from your images and videos you share online to more serious work- related data, Seagate plays a pivotal role. Further, in 2008, Seagate became the first manufacturer of hard drives to ship 1 billion hard drives to its customers. As states the Seagate website: "Digital content is ubiquitous, and Seagate is at the heart of how the world creates, distributes, shares and enjoys it." Solid-state drives (SSDs) In 2009, Seagate proudly introduced solid- state drives that leverage non-volatile flash memory vs. spinning magnetic media. Originally designed for business environments that use blade and other server applications, Seagate introduced another related product the following year. Called a solid state hybrid drive, this product was directly designed for laptops. More specifically, this product created an original algorithm that permitted the drive to "learn" which files were needed on a regular basis; then, these files were placed on the drive's flash memory. The result? Lightning-fast access to these commonly used files for the end user. Again, refer to the Seagate website: "Seagate's products enable high- performance desktop and laptop systems, along with ultraportable devices such as netbooks and thin laptops. We delivered the industry's first 2TB, 7,200-RPM desktop hard drive, along with the world's first 7mm, 2.5-inch form factor drive. These innovative storage products deliver super- sized capacities, industry-leading performance, encrypted security features and more." In the "Cloud" As more and more businesses look to the "Cloud" as a secure and cost-effective way to store important company data, more of Seagate's hard drives are also utilized in the Cloud. In fact, according to the industry market researcher IDC, storage is becoming the fastest-growing Cloud service. Sustainable Products Seagate believes that the environment is an extremely important consideration. One can witness this green-friendly mentality throughout Seagate's product development process that includes product design and manufacturing processing methods. "Seagate is "thinking green," committed to developing and maintaining sustainable, responsible practices in everything we do. Rather than a reactive approach to environmental compliance, Seagate has created a proactive product development process that integrates environmental care into the entire lifecycle of our products," according to a website statement. As a concrete example, Seagate's enterprise drives are specifically designed to reduce cooling and data center power costs by up to 92 percent. In addition, in order to reduce both fuel and waste costs, Seagate's external storage solutions include one hundred percent recyclable streamlined packaging. "We believe in transparency throughout our supply chain, with visibility to the substances used in making our products. We go beyond what many manufacturers are willing to do, an approach that has earned Seagate recognition as a global leader in green manufacturing and production by Business Week, Newsweek and the ChemSec and CPA Report, among others." Data Recovery Services In addition to Seagate's unique products, the company also offers data recovery services. For instance, Seagate can almost miraculously transform inaccessible data into accessible data from any brand of data storage technology, hard disk drive, server applications and virtualized environments. "Our solutions serve thousands of consumers and cross-industry business clients (including government agencies), and support forensic investigations. Our portfolio spans from cutting-edge remote data recovery services, 24x7 onsite critical data recovery as well as in-lab recovery. "Leveraging the engineering design and technology resources of the world's most trusted and reputable name in storage technology, we offer the most advanced data recovery services available today." Visit the Seagate website for more information. 86 MacDirectory

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