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CLOSER LOOK DJAY 4.0 BY ALGORIDDIM WORDS BY CLAUDIA PAREDES You can do virtually anything on an iPad or an iPhone, even become a DJ. Now there is no need to have large and heavy turntables to mix-and-match your favorite tunes. With djay by Algoriddim, transform your iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged DJ system. Mix your iPod music library on a hyper- realistic turntable interface and start spinning like a pro. Perform live, recorded mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix, and let djay mix your favorite playlists. Now, you can bring the party with you wherever you are. Djay is easy to use, perfect for beginners and professionals. Plus, its innovative multi-touch features allow for a unique experience, and takes your device to the next level of DJ'ing. Algoriddim is a Germany-based software company specializing in cutting-edge audio and multimedia applications for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Its mission is to develop software that is intuitive and user-friendly, yet offers the quality and power of professional level software. Algoriddim consistently seeks out innovative methods for accommodating the needs of its customers, and its flagship music software, djay, is now serving a broad international audience of music lovers, professional DJs and world-class musicians. There is no way turntables could ever fit in your pocket, but with this premier DJ app, now they do. Thanks to djay, now your iPhone or iPad have become a complete and portable DJ system. "With unprecedented ease-of-use and innovative multi-touch mixing features, djay for iPhone breaks barriers in DJ technology and offers a unique experience for beginners and professionals alike," says the Algoriddim team. But, djay does not only transform your iPhone and iPad, but your Mac as well. In November 2011, djay for Mac was completely redesigned and rewritten from scratch based on Algoriddim's award- winning iOS foundation. With breakthrough features like Harmonic Mixing, a cutting-edge on-the-fly audio analysis (beat, tempo, volume, key), iCloud integration, a host of OS X Lion enhancements and a completely redesigned single-window UI, djay 4.0 is the best version that has been created yet. This redesign is taking Algoriddim's -winning app djay for iPad to a new level. One of the new features of djay 4.0 is Harmonic Mixing, which makes it easier to find two songs that go well with each other. Sometimes that can be the biggest challenge for both beginners and professionals. With djay's high-precision beat, tempo, volume and key analysis now you can not only match the BPM and loudness of two songs but also the key/pitch for perfect sounding harmony. Creating radio-quality mash-ups of your favorite songs has never been easier. Djay 4.0 adds a highly advanced key detection (including distinction between major/minor key), which allows you to filter and sort through your iTunes library by key of Harmonic Mixing. Your tracks are automatically analyzed when loaded onto a turntable; otherwise you can analyze your whole library or playlist with one simple click. Simply click "Analyze" from the menu. Djay 4.0 has many other features that make it a unique, intuitive app. It has an integrated recording manager that can be accessed by clicking the record button. Also, there are new tools that make the djay experience trouble-free. Now to reveal the tools, one can click on the triangle underneath the crossfader. In addition, djay 4.0 adds an enhanced bounce loop mode that allows you to mash-up beats without losing the time line. Plus, manage your sample collection and create new ones on the fly. Also, within the tools you can also access the completely new Live Sampler by clicking the sample button in the center: Be sure to take advantage of the new superior microphone, and pre-cueing and hardware configurations options (output, headphones, mic). Now you can too drag songs into the queue on the right side with the enhanced Automix. So what are you waiting for, start making your own beats on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, with djay by Algoriddim. Visit for more information. 83 MacDirectory 2 0 1 1 A p p l e D e s i g n A w a r d

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