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Winter-Spring 2012

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CLOSER LOOK FUSION GIG BAGS AND IPAD CASES > HITTING THE RIGHT NOTE WITH CUSTOMERS WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN Musicians rarely travel light. There are their instruments, machinery, speakers and any number of other things they might need in order to perform successfully. So it's a good thing for them that there are also Fusion Gig Bags to make their lives a bit easier. Fusion Bags are not just carrying cases. They are high-quality gig and accessory bags which have been designed with the ultimate comfort of the musician in mind. Nicole Szekeres, director of marketing and sales for Fusion, told that Fusion was the vision of four women, two of whom had experience in the music industry and two of whom had strong business skills. This "fusion" of experiences enabled the company to bring to life their vision to "design and produce gig bags that would revolutionize the music industry." But the Fusion experience isn't only in the business set up. Fusion offers something called the Fuse-On system, which gives musicians the choice of five accessory bags, all of which can be attached to the guitar, brass, or woodwind bags. This system allows for the easy carrying of extra gear, such as laptops, cables, personal items, and sheet music. Then there is the Fusion-Flow concept, which means your Fusion bags are designed so that as you carry the bags, your back rests against their padded lumbar supports. There is also a netted ventilation area so that when it is hot, you will stay cool. Add a safety belt to keep the bag firmly attached to your body and you've got everything you need to make hauling equipment to your next gig a snap. Meanwhile, for iPad users, this same sturdy and innovative model has also been implemented in Fusion's Micro Workstation or iPad bag. Szekeres explained, "We produce high-quality products that are designed to protect the gear they carry. These bags are the perfect match for commuters or travellers who may throw, drop or knock (around) the bags they carry and yet have confidence that their iPad will be protected." The Micro Workstation also comes with a plethora of pockets and pouches for accessories, and a removable sleeve that can be used to carry the iPad separately. Fusion stays ahead of the curve by working directly with its customers via social media outlets in order to style their bags and cases so that they not only look good, but perfectly meet the needs of the customer. And if you're one of those people (and who isn't) that always has to have the latest and greatest equipment, Fusion has you covered there too. According to Szekeres, flexibility is a mainstay of the company, "We are constantly developing and improving our range of innovative products…our main aim is to offer the best gig bag on the market and to cater for all those little needs that only the musician using it can think of." After all, she noted, "Musicians are experts in their field, they know what they like or don't like, what is useful and what they want. Listening is key and being open to change is vital in the creation of the perfect gig bag." But it isn't just the construction that makes Fusion bags a favorite with its customers, it is the eye-catching design and attention to detail that assures these bags will be as attractive and classy as they are functional and sturdy. So whether you are in the market for a new instrument case, DJ bag, Micro Workstation, or just a better system for organizing all the paraphernalia that is so much a part of life and telecommuting, check out Fusion bags. As one customer put it ""Fusion bags can give you hours of fun," which according to Szekeres, "sums it up in one sentence." Visit for more information. 48 MacDirectory M a c D i r e c t o r y

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