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Winter-Spring 2012

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FEA TURE 1. Who has Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson NOT written a book about ? a. Benjamin Franklin b. Albert Einstein c. Ronald Reagan d. Henry Kissinger 2.Who directed the famous '1984' ad for Macintosh that aired during Super Bowl XVIII in 1984? a. Steven Spielberg b. Ridley Scott c. Martin Scorsese d. James Cameron 3.Who was ousted as Apple CEO in 1997 by the board of directors after turning the company around from a loss to a profit? a. Steve Wozniak b. Gil Amelio c. Steve Jobs d. John Sculley 4. At what year's Macworld Expo did Jobs announce that Apple would be entering into a partnership with Microsoft? a. 2001 b. 1990 c. 2005 d. 1997 5.What was the price of the first Lisa, in 1983? a. $9,995 b. $1,099 c. $5,000 d. $799 6.Where was the first Apple Store opened, in 2001? a. New York City b. Hollywood, Calif. c. Tysons Corner, Va. d. San Francisco C — 6 , A – 5 , D – 4 , B – 3 , B – 2 , C – 1 :SREWSNA MacDirectory 111

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