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FEA TURE There are staggering technical obstacles in training programs accurately to recognize text printed hundreds of years ago. Much early printing is of extremely poor quality, by modern standards. ABBYY has partnered with IBM and several major universities and libraries to solve these problems. We can't think of any project of this scope that will have a more beneficial impact on future cultural dissemination and study. Backup Nothing is more important than frequent backups. On OS X, the venerable Carbon Copy Cloner, recently updated for Lion, is still best Mac backup program. It is more reliable, and faster, than any backup strategy Apple has ever produced. The best backup program we have ever used on any platform is StorageCraft's ShadowProtect for Windows. One reason is that it does a system backup, something that Apple hasn't been doing well in recent years— and it does it well and quickly. This program is bulletproof and is the only backup program I have used that consistently gives me usable restores, other than CCC. We've previously awarded ShadowProtect 3 in our must-have Windows category. This year we award ShadowProtect 4, which is even better. We wish they'd create a Mac version. Norton Internet Security 2012 One price of Apple's success is viruses. When Apple only had 3% of the computer market, we lived in a blissful virus-free zone. Not any longer. Norton is the only compelling solution. For both PCs and Macs, we wholeheartedly award Norton Internet Security for the third consecutive year. This software is miles ahead of the competition. It's a huge achievement and it has taken decades of hard work to get Media Server will now deliver HTML5 content— Flash content —to IOS of devices. In Adobe's September releases does the term HTML5 appear. Yet that's all they're about. Little wonder Steve Jobs didn't want to do business with Adobe anymore. C'mon Adobe, still love you, but you gotta try harder than this. Think different! Directory Opus, or How do I find Finder on Windows? to this place. In 2012, Norton is taking a logical next step with its Norton Everywhere initiative. Norton's goal is to protect your devices now—mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and of course desktop and network devices. There are now too many features to describe in this class-defining software, so head on over to for more. Whither Flash? Apple vs. Adobe In an extraordinary press release dated September 8, 2011, Adobe conceded defeat for Flash on iOS (the world's most important new OS), but only if you already knew the facts. It stated, "For content delivery, Adobe is announcing a new version of Adobe Flash Media Server that can now deliver Flash technology to Apple iPhone and iPad devices." That sounds like Flash works on iPhones and iPad devices, right? Yet we know it doesn't. What Adobe actually means is that Flash John Siracusa in his Ars Technica review of Lion makes the important point that a lot of users don't know or care how to use Finder or its Windows analogue, Explorer. If you're a Mac power user who spends any time at all in Windows, you will want Directory Opus, a supremely intelligent yet intuitive Explorer replacement which uniquely provides many features otherwise only available on the Mac. Version 10, new in 2011, is the greatest yet. Directory Opus is a power user's dream come true. The world's most useful computer gadget — and it's only $39 In 2009, we awarded Newer Technology's USB 2 Drive Connector. For $30 it let you connect any 2.5, 3.5 or 5.25-inch drive to a USB port. Truly the Swiss Army Knife of disk connectivity. In 2011, it's been upgraded to the USB 3.0 Universal Drive Adapter. The dual USB2/USB3 interface ensures your data will be transferred at the fastest speeds modern drives are capable of. We also noticed that some borderline drives that failed with the USB 2 version come alive with the USB 3 version. A very special product is now even more special. And it's only ten bucks more. This is the gizmo that will save your back when it most needs saving. Don't be without it! 110 MacDirectory n n o t o n e w e t h e a l l c o m p l e t e

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