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Winter-Spring 2012

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FEA TURE Chief: It's crazy technology. I could be 100-200 yards out of the truck, working in the field, yet the mikes made it sound like I was right next to the truck. MD: You mentioned one vehicle was hit? Big Fish lost some gear? D.C. and Chief: Yeah, one of the vehicles hit an IED. It's in the show. MD: If you knew the U.S. Navy was going to screen and cut footage to restrict classified information and EOD tactics, how did Big Fish know there'd be enough footage for a story? DC: Good question. When we started, we had no clue what our story would be, or where the camera crew was headed. We just knew that the cameramen and producer would film eight guys with EODMU3. And it was a dangerous job. The story unfolded while we were embedded with the unit, and really, we relied on the producer in field. This series focuses on EOD's job and how EOD techs save lives. LT: The Navy's goal is to educate the public about EOD, and this documentary series demonstrates EOD techs right in the thick of it. They're doing their job. MD: There's been controversy that the TV series might show classified tactical maneuvers that may endanger EOD techs. DC: Absolutely not. Putting together the missions was a very thoughtful process. We carefully worked around any tactical or security concerns that the Navy and EOD had. Chief: Anytime we needed the camera crew to stop film, we'd tell them to cut cameras, and they did. No classified information, or professional tactics were filmed that would endanger the lives of EOD techs. MD: And Big Fish was given creative license to produce the TV series? DC: After the Navy screened and returned film footage, we got to work using Final Cut Pro 7. All those missions told the real story about EOD. LT: The producer had been professional in the past, and the U.S. Navy felt she would create a realistic show. Chief: This TV series will demonstrate the quality and professional training of Navy EODs, and their mission – saving lives, taking care of the stuff that's killing. MD: Anything else? DC: Watch the show. Chief: Hooyah. 108 MacDirectory T c o a u o o r , r i l a u O t e M b o e F E y m h , r l n n d h F r d . M t p v n D h n a i e N o i y d n u r n i r k W r r E C a s F e N a e t n i r j p h , , n p s r n u i s e i og u O B c pf uo o G l a i n p r m A t o v e m l a a m a i e d o s s L r B j a t e n , t u E r w n L a i e d M ( n o D h s C a O n we e v f C i D e w r a t s . c ) n o t T e s a p a t s o l a i e , a d d h c o i c e o a e , w e x n E e e o n o u v u t r d g e n M n c i e i e C s i n n e t t r o in e e a D i n a s d n i , i a d d n r uo p w a c J s r o n r e m p a l t o E Z f s d i e f f o o v l i r d D G M . a r io r a o h O u l s t o n r n D u r e n . r f v c h ) o sn a a r g o p a o U v t g s e , , r e n a - ie e . W l r n s U o h ( W . S u e . n n A d r em d y E , A O i c i a e d o o r C t 3 l h o B e r L o . B r r D f

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