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FEA TURE IT'S A BLAST USING MACS >BOMB PATROL: AFGHANISTAN WORDS BY LISA P. HILL was a 10-part series that began in October 2011 on G4 TV Network ( bomb-patrol/ ): The Real Story about Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). What a job title. And yet on film, no one's ever really told their story (the movie do you tell the real story without losing life, or limb? In Afghanistan, Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs aren't selective, or discriminatory. IEDs injure and kill thousands of civilians, U.S. and international military personnel. Yet there's one small brave band of highly trained U.S. naval men and women who tackle these nefarious, soulless killers. Welcome to the explosive world of EOD. "Our primary mission is to save lives…that's the most rewarding thing…saving lives", responded Chief Groat of Platoon 342, EODMU-3, stationed at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, Calif. Yet, most Americans have never heard of EOD. These men and women are the silent heroes, the U.S. Navy's best-kept secret. Working in the background, they get the job done blowing up, or diffusing IEDs and terrorist bombs on land, or underwater in some of the nastiest, toughest terrain and weather conditions. Big Fish Entertainment manned up taking a C-17 transport load of camera gear, SAT phones, Macbook Pro 2.53GHZ laptops, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 software, and Apple iPads to Afghanistan. In October 2010, a seven-member film crew deployed for six months with EODMU-3. While deployed, they filmed more than 4,000 hours of Platoon 342's daily patrols enduring grueling desert heat, cold sandy nights, and long, 24/7 on-call days. The result: G4 Network's 10-part television series MacDirectory (MD): Why did Big Fish want to make this TV series? Dan Cesareo (DC): Being an EOD tech, the person who diffuses or blows up bombs, has a tough, dangerous job. IEDs are a huge part in the Afghanistan war, and it's not getting any better. The EOD story is important, so Big Fish Entertainment approached the U.S. Navy. Lieutenant Bennett (LT): This TV series was a big shift in the Navy's philosophy. Yet with the IED issue in Afghanistan, the U.S. Navy felt it was important to tell the real story about EOD techs, and their job saving civilian and military lives. doesn't come close). Yet how 106 MacDirectory T h e H u r t L o c k e r B o m b P a t r o l : B o m b P a t r o l : A f g h a n i s t a n u c i D t x dc u U e t E o lr i c e o a n M n e l s e t i . P b n n O ir dd B e D E o i r ( s v n D a v I a O s p n n D lM G t v si a T u e Cr e ) oU r e r h p a w , e O w o e E i B . i G t Uh S h D i g N f . C e r ( i vs y o ) F a J Ue R h E n nh O n lt o r P E p G e e s o A x r i a a m d E e n O n e a i t v , L i e t O t n l a e n x n u L c o t n a p n r d t E sx pe oc su at l d D v e e i i a v e i e s A f g h a n i s t a n .

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