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CLOSER LOOK CHICBUDS >LETTING YOU LISTEN IN STYLE WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN Hot-looking iPod accessories are a dime a dozen these days, and most of them are very much like the next. Worst of all, sometimes it seems like the cooler looking they are, the less functional they can be – especially when it comes to iPod speakers. It can get very discouraging, especially since most of these items aren't exactly cheap. Fortunately, one of the major exceptions to the above complaints has just arrived on the market. They are chicBuds' chicBoom keychain speakers, the hot new iPod and iPhone speakers that combine a passion for fashion with an absolutely fantastic listening experience. chicBoom keychain speakers are just that, an eye-catching little keychain that is actually a great speaker for your iPod and iPhone. Shaped like a small box with animal print and bit of bling, chicBuds are the newest and best (and best looking) way for you to share your iTunes with friends and others. Because it is so cute and stylish, a lot of people tend to dismiss chicBoom as just another pretty but not very useful iPod accessory. To do this is a big mistake, because this small but powerful product is as much (if not more) substance than it is style. In fact chicBoom boasts a high-end 2-watt amplified speaker that gives up to four hours of high quality sound. It also includes other cool features like a built-in lithium ion re-chargeable battery, a power and battery life indicator, the ability to play for up to four hours on a single charge, and a clear, distortion-free sound. The product also connects to any device with a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack. Look, everyone knows that most iPod speakers are large, clunky, and hardly something you'd want to carry around with you everywhere you went. ChicBoom keychain speakers solve this problem easily with their small, lightweight design. And because chicBoom speakers are attached to a key ring, you can use them as a keychain, meaning that you won't lose them in your pocket or purse. They're also so attractive you won't be able to wait to show them off! As for style, like all of chicBuds products, chicBoom keychain speakers are hot. Boasting animal print and a crystal heart, chicBoom keychain speakers are real eye catchers. They are also very reasonably priced at only $29.99 each when purchased from the chicBuds website. And did we mention the styling? The styling is amazing, giving customers that choice of three separate types of chicBoom keychain speakers including leopard, pink leopard, and zebra. The finish and construction, meanwhile, are sturdy, meaning that a bit of purse and pocket time (for the keychain aspect) is not going to cause damage to either the outside or the inside of the product. And for those of you who would rather do your iPod listening on your own, chicBuds also has a great line of super stylish ear buds. Available in colors like Watermelon, Marshmallow, or Sour Apple, chicBuds lets you look as cool as ever while you check out all of your favorite iTunes. ChicBuds customers are extremely loyal, coming back again and again to products they describe as high quality, attractive, comfortable, and very easy to use – and we expect that once you try either the chicBoom keychain speaker or the ear buds, you'll join that long list. So if you want to carry around a party in your purse while still maintaining your sense of fun and fashion, check out chicBuds chicBoom keychain speakers. But be warned, once you start showing off that cute little speaker, you'll have everyone you know (and some that you don't) saying "Where'd you get that? I want one!" Visit for more information. 102 MacDirectory

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