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MacDirectory 67 CONTENTS DEPARTMENT REVIEW MacDirectory 67 The Pax 2 arrived in a small package, this vaporizer is more compact than its predecessor, the Pax 1. Although both vaporizers function in a similar matter, the Pax 2 is slimmer and easier to use, making it very user friendly. This was my first time using and testing a vaporizer, and my experience was very pleasant. The packaging the Pax 2 arrived in was simple and elegant. As I removed each component I noticed there were not that many parts. Inside I found the Pax vaporizer, a charging cradle that charged the Pax 2 magnetically, one USB chord, a cleaning kit, and two mouth pieces. Let's start with the device itself. The Pax 2 comes in four colors, it's elegant, compact, sexy and, very much understated. It fits in the palm of your hand and it's very light. Carry it inside a purse or comfortably in your pockets, it won't bother you while walking around. How it works? Simple. On one end you have either the flat or raised mouth piece, and on the other end is the oven. This oven is deeper than the Pax 1, and allows for a more consistent draw. The mouth pieces are both very comfortable on the lips, I would say that the flat mouth piece requires a little more suction than the raised piece, which sits comfortable in between the lips. Open the stainless steel oven which quickly heats up medical grade components. The magnetic oven lid is simple to open and close. No need to be a rocket scientist. Unlike the Pax 1, the chamber was redesigned to provide consistent heat throughout material. It takes less than one minute to heat up. How do you know it's ready? There is a very unique lighting system that tells you when it's ready. The indicator on the front of Pax will light up in different colors, green means go. Notice that the lights not only communicate heat levels, but also battery life and party modes. There are four heat settings. Lip and motion sensing technologies optimize power and temperature during use. This vaporizer is very social and smart. It detects motion when the vaporizer is ready to be used, and puts the Pax 2 in stand-by mode when it's not in use to conserve battery life and oven contents. The vapor path is constructed for medical grade components. All components of the Pax are food-safe and made from the highest quality. Its rechargeable battery gives users 30 percent more usage time than the Pax 1, and its easily powered with the USB charging cradle. This is an intelligent vaporizer coated with a colorful aluminum surface which makes it not only elegant, but useful and ready to heat and cool your preferred medical grade contents in a matter of minutes. PAX 2 BY CLAUDIA PAREDES Product: Pax 2 Website: Price: $279.99 Pros: Quick and easy heating and cooling system Cons: Price Rating:

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