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MacDirectory 61 CONTENTS DEPARTMENT MacDirectory 61 M-Disc A computer is only as good as the data you can save. The safest physical medium for your data is Millenniata's M-Disc technology. M-Discs are recordable DVDs and Blu-rays which don't rely on the organic dyes all previous technology uses, but instead create a physically etched DVD or Blu-ray that is enormously resistant to torture and is expected to last well over a hundred years. See Robbin Harris's take here: One thing to remember about backups is that because of data degradation (also called data rot and data decay) your data may, invisibly, lose integrity over time. That's where a workflow that includes M-Disc comes in. The discs are inexpensive, compact, durable, and are write-once. The backup you make on M-Disc is stable for a hundred years. So if you discover that an important old file has, over the years, become corrupted, you can always go back to your M-Disc backup from years ago to recover a good version. If you're serious about backup, your workflow should include regular M-disc backups. HGST For decades, industry insiders have said that HGST (formerly Hitachi, and before that IBM) hard drives are consistently the most reliable. Independent data from Backblaze now confirms this is still true. HGST has merged with Western Digital, but it still operates as its own entity and quality is as high as ever. We're thrilled Western Digital has taken such an enlightened attitude in this important merger. (Another interesting finding from Backblaze: 4TB hard drives are more reliable than 3TB hard drives. We're waiting to see what Backblaze will say about 6TB hard drives.) Western Digital An exceptional NAS for creative pro and prosumer MacDirectory iWards REVIEW

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