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50 MacDirectory CONTENTS DEPARTMENT GAMING > GAMES FOR YOUR IPAD BY THADDEUS RAZDOW Bit.Trip Beat - Gaijin Games ($9.99) ( Retro influences are combined to create a totally unique gaming experience. Bit.Trip Beat takes old school games like pong and brick breaker and throws in some r-type style action. The result is a game that is both challenging and visually interesting. The game pulses along to the beat of an 8-bit inspired soundtrack. You control a paddle on the left of the screen that can move vertically. Increasingly difficult numbers of blocks come at you from the right and you need to bounce them back by placing your paddle accordingly. Each block comes along in sync to the music, making your interaction with the game a part of the soundtrack. It's a simple concept that becomes a very satisfying and incredibly difficult game as it progresses and block arrange- ments change. Infinity Blade 3 - Chair Entertainment Group ($6.99) ( Complex sword play and stunning visuals and an in depth story, make this sequel a must play for iPad gamers. This is the third installment in the very popular infinity blade series. A mix of action and RPG genres, Infinity Blade 3 feels more like a big budget console production than a mobile game. A main gameplay mechanic is the swipe and gesture combat system that makes this series so unique. Combat is controlled via carefully timed swipes and taps. A large part of being successful in battle comes from being able to parry attacks, which becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses. Like any good RPG, along your journey you find new weapons and upgrades for your character and uncover secrets hidden in the game. Experience plays a large role in how easily you can dispatch an enemy. Device 6 - Simogo AB ($3.99) ( If you were a fan of choose your own adventure books or lost countless hours playing through text adventures like Dunnet chances are you will love Device 6. This wonderfully unique game combines sparse and visually compelling graphic design with a well written story, and atmospheric puzzle based gameplay. To play this game you must read, turning your device as the words and sentences change and move according to the story. Pay close attention, because each chapter ends in a puzzle which can only be solved with clues within the story. Typography buffs and designers will love the visual aspect of this game. And anyone that enjoyed the mysterious and puzzling world of Myst will be right at home playing Device 6. Football Heroes 2015 - Run Games (Free) ( What if football had no rules against unnecessary roughness? What if Mike Tyson was a running back? In football Heroes 2015 getting to the end zone takes more than just a good playbook and quick footwork. Double Dragon style combat mixed with gridiron grit make this probably the best football game ever (the most entertaining at least.) No it isn't as in-depth or as realistic as Madden, but it sure as hell is fun. Set up your team, use special power attacks and plays and make the long play. If you've ever wanted to see your favorite football teams drop the formalities and just kick the crap out of each other, this game is for you. effectively makes the Satechi Edge into a Bluetooth remo- te. There is also a gaming mode, which automatically makes single clicks into double clicks for faster response while gaming. The Edge has a comfortable contour perfect for gamers who use the "palm grip," seven well placed buttons and whopping months of standby battery life with two AA batteries. 50 MacDirectory REVIEW

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