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MacDirectory 23 2014 2010 BY LISA HILL 5 Months Ago: December 2014 APPLE'S TIM COOK CEO of the YEAR Apple is the apple of Wall Street's eye again," Paul R. La Monica writes for CNNMoney. "And that's why Tim Cook is our choice for best CEO of 2014." Apple's stock is up over 40% this year, thanks primarily to the launch of the latest iPhones and Apple Pay service, in addition to the increased interest in the Apple Watch (due in 2015). Tim Cook has one of the toughest CEO jobs in the U.S. "He's had to convince skeptics that Apple can still innovate after the death of Steve Jobs," La Monica writes. "He's proven all the naysayers wrong." Apple's Tim Cook took over the helm in August 2011 when Steve Job retired due to health reasons. His first three years were tough, where critics complained about Apple's lack of ingenuity and creativity. Critics are quieter now with the launch of new iPhones, the Apple Watch and the Apple Pay service. Wall Street stock brokers are now buzzing about Apple, and the future looks like Apple will be a gleam in their eyes, and then some. 5 Years Ago: 2010 APPLE TABLET DELAYED Apple postponed launching its tablet PC from early March to the later second half of 2010. Apple plans to launch a tablet model using a 9.7-inch OLED panel from LG Display, and claims switching out different components may cause a delay in production. An OLED screen would use less energy, have less glare, and be able to deliver a brighter, crisper image compared to an LCD screen. However, these advantages will increase expenses, with a retail cost for the OLED model closing in on $2000. The LCD model would retail for around $800 to $1000. The 9.7-inch OLED panels are currently priced around US$500, and panel costs normally account for about 30% of a device's total cost. Apple's 9.7-inch OLED tablet PC may cost between US $1,500-1,700. However, if OLED panel prices drop as expected, prices may be more reasonable and lower by 2011. However, critics wonder if the Apple PC tablet is just smoke on the water, and after numerous delays, may be scrapped. There's rumors the new tablet will be more iPod touch than MacBook, but will consumers pay the higher price for a brighter, more visual screen. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

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