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110 MacDirectory GUIDE Editors Buyers Guide Spring Favorites Penclic: Next Generation Mice B3 $79.99 | Available at Penclic has developed a line of lightweight mice that have two buttons with left and right click on the pen's shaft that enables both left, and right-handed users to enjoy the Penclic experience. In the beginning it might take some getting used to, since this mouse is shaped just like a pen, but after a couple uses, it should become pretty natural. Use the center scroll wheel to also click on your screen. Unlike traditional a mouse, the Next Generation Mice allows for laser-focused precision, which leads to better and quicker movements. Also, its unique design will result in a more comfortable position for your forearm, which now will be able to relax on your work surface. The B3 model connects to your laptop via Bluetooth and the R3 is a wireless design. For more information visit ARIES Home + by Nyrius $249.99 | Available at This wireless HD transmitter comes with enhanced streaming capabilities. It's a simple and efficient solution for streaming media. This updated model comes with two HDMI inputs which allows you to connect a gaming console and a cable box at the same time without having to plug one out to use the other. Easily switch between the two when needed. Additionally, it also has a new loop-through feature which lets you stream the same content on one HDTV to another in two different areas of the home. This means you can stream the same content in two different environments in your home. The signal is very powerful and it will travel through walls, ceilings and floors up to 100 feet. It can also stream surround sound audio and is 3D compatible to match the sound of your home entertainment. Use the infrared extender to control the device from anywhere in your home. Braven's LUX $99.00 | Available at The LUX is an elegant and portable Bluetooth speaker. What sets this speaker apart from the rest? Style. It comes in three metallic colors, pearl, goal, and iridescent purple to match any style. This limited edition speaker redefined the look and feel of Bluetooth speakers. It pairs quickly with your phone, MP3 player or tablet, and it even will pair with another LUX for surround sound. Additionally, it is splash proof, and will survive the occasional drop. It's a very sturdy and durable speaker. It has built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone and mic, so you can take calls anytime. It is very easy to charge, it comes with an integrated power bank so you can take the LUX on-the-go. Braven BRV-HD $299.99 | Available at Braven's line of speakers come in all shapes and sizes. The BRV-HD is the biggest and most powerful model yet. This HD, ultra-rugged HD wireless speaker will fulfill all your expectations. It has a shock-absorbing, water- resistant body, and it features an aircraft-grade aluminum grill, which also adds style. It's perfect to take on long road trips, to the beach, camping, especially since it's capable of holding its charge for 28 impressive hours. That is a lot of uninterrupted plat time. The powerful built-in battery will also charge your portable devices if they are running on a low battery. Simply use a USB cable. The BRV-HD uses Bluetooth to connect to your personal device and start playing your tunes. It can also wirelessly connect to a second Braven speaker to produce left and right sound. This speaker is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings, and a little rain won't damage it. Like other portable speakers, you can also answer calls in the middle of play time.

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