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Tech companies are now trying their best to integrate wearables in everyday life. Compared to smartphones, smartwatches are yet to experience success and acceptance from the public. Experts say that the reason why the popularity of wearables didn't skyrocket when they first came out was because they almost have the same functionality with smartphones. They're redundant, and they don't really bring anything new on the table. If Apple wants to bring its very own smartwatch inside the households of more Americans, it should probably start by focusing its target on one industry instead of multiple ones. Everyone is already integrating heart rate trackers and other fitness apps on wearables but not everyone is tapping on the most powerful trend in the mobile landscape today: gaming. Sure, smartwatches may be inferior to smartphones when it comes to screen size. However, there are some things that can actually benefit from the smartwatches' small display. Everyone wants to do everything quickly these days and that's where wearables can come in. Since they're attached to the wrist most of the time especially when people are out of the house, users will be able to do things faster and more convenient with wearables. Betting in sports Wearables might benefit from live in-game betting the most. No punter wants to pick up his or her smartphone, unlock it, and open the app every time they want to check the status and odds of the game. What Apple can do is make the wearable an intelligent bookie and automatically alert users of important information and sudden changes. If done correctly, wearables for betting will be a must for every punter in the world. Wearables will allow punters to make sudden decisions without veering away their eyes completely from the game. Quick time killer: slot machines It's almost impossible to play games like poker or blackjack on wearables because of their small size. However, the same cannot be said for slot machines. Slots only need a small display for the reels to roll and one physical switch to act as their spin button. Slots on wearables can become the next big thing especially in countries where traffic is a constant every day. It's not easy to take out smartphones inside a packed train or bus but smartwatches can be easily accessed even if a user is standing up. One company has already thought about the potential success of slots on wearables and http://www. new-games/microgaming-focus- on-wearable-technology/ released a Dark Knight slot game. Since smartwatches will most probably be used by people aged 21 – 35, it's only logical that the company released a game that is geared towards the younger demographic. Comic book- themed slot machines are becoming a trend not only with actual gaming establishments but online casino providers as well because their feedback from gaming communities has been overwhelmingly positive. The Dark Knight wearable game has been unveiled at the World Mobile Congress, and it has received overwhelming attention from the public. The game developer is currently in talks with Apple to develop slot games for the Apple Watch. Wearables may not be widely accepted yet but they definitely have the potential to become big. Apple is a powerful force in today's mobile industry and with the help of casino gaming's popularity, the tech giant just might be able to change how people view wearables. FEATURE 108 MacDirectory CAN APPLE'S WEARABLE CHANGE THE FACE OF THE CASINO INDUSTRY? PERHAPS IT CAN IN SOME AREAS OF THE INDUSTRY BY ARTHUR NG

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