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MacDirectory 55 reVIeW d-LInk: mEET THE nEw SmArT dEvICES for your HomE By CLAudIA PArEdES There have been a lot of times when I have been in a rush and thought I left the curling iron on, or forgot to turn the air conditioner off before I left for a long trip. When I leave my house I want to know everything is safe, but unfortunately there is no way to do that, at least not on my own. How do you keep an eye on you home, and be at work at the same time? Impossible, right? I thought so too, until I came across D-Link's Home Automation products, these three items work perfectly together to give me the piece of mind I need to get out of town and know my home is safe, and no appliances where left on accidentally. Let's start with D-Link's Wi-fi smart Plug, this unique product allows you to control your devices and appliances from virtually anywhere. With a single tap on your smartphone turn off that curling iron you thought was still on. You can even create on and off schedule for your devices. It's very easy to operate, simply connect to an existing Wi-Fi connection and start controlling your devices with your smartphone and the D- Link app. The Smart Plug will alert you if your devices are overheating, and will automatically turn them off if they are. How smart is that! In addition, with the D-Link app you can see how much energy is being used on each appliance, and that way you can save a few extra bucks here and there. This next device makes magic happen when paired with the Smart Plug. The Wi-fi Motion sensor will alert you when something is moving in your home, even when you are not there. It will tell you the time when it happened as well as the level of sensitivity. You get text messages notifying you when motion is detected when you are not around. When you pair the Smart Plug with the Home Sensor, you can make your favorite song play, or a lamp turn on when you walk into a room. It is very easy to connect, simply plug the sensor into a wall outlet, press the WPS button to connect to your home network, and get all the information you need sent to your smartphone. Now that you have control over the movement that happens inside your home, and appliances around the house, with this next device you will have an extra set of eyes watching over when you are not around. The Wi-fi cloud camera 2200, HD Day/night network cloud camera let's you keep and eye on your home while you are traveling. Having a camera inside my home changed the way I felt about leaving my home unattended, or with a new home sitter I was just getting to know. The 2200 gives your HD video quality, a very crisp and rich detail image, and it even has night vision, so you can view up with 15 feet in complete darkness. It allows you to record directly into the camera with the micro-SD card slot, that way you can revisit any given moment. Just like the Smart Plug and Smart Sensor, use you smartphone to view what's going on inside your home. Remotely monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world. The Home Automation package makes your home safer, brighter and more in tune with you. You can do it yourself, no need to get a specialist to install them, and there are no fees or monthly charges. Now you control everything from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. for more information visit

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