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28 MacDirectory DePartMent juST rELEASEd By CLAudIA PArEdES Pioneer's FREEme The FREEme fits in the palm of your hand. It's light and will perfectly fit inside any tote. Connect your mobile device using an AUX cable or simply hold your smartphone near the speaker and let NFC work its magic. By holding it near you will establish a Bluetooth connection and be ready to go. No wires needed or docks. Once a connection is established use the Pioneer app to add sound effects and customize your favorite songs. The aqua rubber coating adds a unique texture to the speaker, and the chic color sets it apart from the rest. When you get a call, simply press down one button to pick up, hands-free. Enjoy up to seven hours of music. This little device is perfect for camping or long road trips. $149.00 | Knomad by Kmono Looking for some order inside your bag? How about this mini portable organizer to save the day! Inside you can fit a small tablet, such as an iPad Mini, a smartphone, and all its accessories such as a slim power pack and essential cables. You can also fit credit cards, a passport, and a stylus/pen. The Knomad feels like a portfolio and is made to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Made from a cotton canvas twill fabric and unique brass hardware, this organizer not only keeps things in order, but also keeps up with today's hip trends. $59.95 | Soen's Transit XS Kickstarter For those running around, biking, and enjoying the outdoors, the Transit XS will become a must-have accessory. Mount it on any standard camera or tripod mount, this Bluetooth speaker is now available on Kickstarter. Only one-inch thin, 2.5 inches tall, and 6.25 inches wide, you will be impressed by how much sound comes out of this little guy. The Transit XS is the definition of portable audio, and even doubles as a speakerphone when you have it connected to your smartphone. The rubber grips will protect your speaker from drops and scratches, making it the ideal travel companion. Get it in red, black, purple and white. funded | $129.95 | Find out what your favorite companies are up to. Get the latest news exclusively sent to the press.

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